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What recomendation would you give me ........
How Much $$$? 
Magneplanar 1.5 -- What amp???
Aragon 8002 and plus some cables! 
best ics for cd55
Just wait for your AudioMat is the cheapest solution! 
Heat Shrink Tubing - How ???
you can use your hair dryer but that's a bitt slow 
Generally Speaking
I would go with single run of your "A" cable! 
Amp w/s Outstanding Midrange
plinius is one of the nicest midrange for SS amp/int. 
best way to save my wood floor
I don't mean to be a "punk" or anything like that but what are the spikes for? The reason we're using them for is to help stable the speakers? release the un~wanted vibration energy to the floor? If you're try to put something(moveable?) under it ... 
Which amp is better...
May be Aragon Products is your solution? 8008x.... 
Anyone read the recent Stereophile article on cables?
Hi, Stereophile Vol.24 No.11 November 2001 Pg.59 Regards, Rute. 
Adding Tub Preamp to HT setup
Anthem pre 2L also does good job/price. 
Where to buy Audio Technica TT feet?
Thank you, Rute. 
Tube amp newbie- where can I learn??
"Beginner's Guide to tube Audio" /"Tube Audio Design" (BKAA42) on-line at < Regards, Rute. 
aragon 8008bb vs bryston 4bst
I'm usin' both for while but let go of keepin 4bst now usin' 8008bb and 8002. I think there is little with the bryston. But they're both good for money so it's up to you. 
Seperates vs Integrated
Are you using just CD or some other sorces? if you just using CD only I suggest you take a look at CD player with volume and run direct to a good amp is much much better option! That's my personal exp!!!!! but if you need more inputs(tape, phono..... 
Moderately priced phono preamps
Pro-ject The Phono Box'll surprise you at $90, it'll kill anything less than $200.