Atlanta Rhythm Section best album?

A rock and roll alternative my fav so far.
outside woman blues and neon nites
Red Tape is mine, followed by Champagne Jam. I think Red Tape deserves a spin on the table today. I've been...Shanghaied, call the Police! Police!
So many good albums, but I would have to say right now my fav is A rock and roll alternative.
Being from Atlanta, still living here, I prefer the second and third albums:
"Back Up Against the Wall" 1973
"Third Annual Pipedream" 1974
I've been a fan of these muscians since the days of Dennis Yost and the Classics IV, the Atlanta band that evolved into Atlanta Rythm Section.
One more vote for Champagne Jam.
Another vote for Champagne Jam
All of them!
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