Fancy Fuse for Regenerator?

I'm thinking of putting one of those SR Purple fuses into my P10 Regenerator. I'm  seeking opinions if this is a great place because the benefits will go to all my equipment, or if it's a waste because the power is regenerated anyway. Please don't respond if you think these expensive fuses are all a joke, as I'm not trying to start one of those downward spiraling threads. Thank you.


Why not I think you have a good point and it can't do any harm.

Only one way to find out...

 Do it and report back

I'm  seeking opinions if this is a great place because the benefits will go to all my equipment, or if it's a waste because the power is regenerated anyway.

My prediction is that if you listen carefully you'll find no difference at all owing to the regulation in the regenerator. Keep in mind that expectation bias may play a role. But if you find a difference I'd be interested to know.

My PS A regenerator blows it's fuse if the power ii interrupted while powered on. Not worth the risk to me.

Just let us all know when you see smoke! 

fuzz - You're to nice 🤣

Because of possible power on surge, and reports of audiophile fuse sensitivity on other threads, you may want to increase fuse amp rating by 20%.

I have a PP5 that until I replaced the power cord out with an PS audio AC12 cord the sound was horrible. So knowing that fact I replaced the fuse with an SR orange I believe and yes it did make a difference, now a huge difference... no but an improvement is an improvement. 

Purple works great in my P15 generator after one week of burning in.

make sure you order 25% higher amp rating, their Orange tend to blow easy at the rated amps.

A fuse that blows when used at the recommended rating is ridiculous, and SRs are known to do just that (I had one that did). I think expensive fuses aren’t so much a joke as nonsense. At least a joke is possibly funny.

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Thank you all. I will consider this purchase some more. I'm definately not getting one right away. Maybe if they go on sale.

Purple Friday coming soon. 

I replaced the stock fuse in my Exact Power ep15a with an Acme CFC fuse and really enjoyed the results; noticeably more lively overall. 

I'd been using an SR Orange fuse in my integrated amp, and decided to try the Acme. My "expectation bias" favored the Acme but, excepting for a more extended top end, the Orange was better. Ultimately, I put an SR Purple in the integrated and that's the best yet; excellent highs and more harmonically complete mids.

There's now an SR Purple on the way to replace the Acme in the Exact Power ep15a. If it doesn't outperform the Acme, I can return it.


Paul McGowan stated he was shocked that changing out the stock PC in the P20 regenerators made a clearly audible difference in their Music Room 2 system.

I thought it was a pretty brave thing to say...when you consider the P20 is supposed to make completely "new" power.  I wrote to him and said he should daisy-chain several P20s as an experiment.  No clue whether they tried it or not.

So, I say go for it.

Regards, barts


I have a purple fuse in my P12. It makes the sound tighter so you get to see (hear) the image better. The difference is small compared to the stock fuse. $500 power cable makes bigger impact on the sound than the fuse. But if you already have a good cable and you are still looking to improve the sound this fuse is going to deliver.