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Restrictions, behind the 8 ball.
BSMG,If you gave me a toy block set, I could not get the square peg in the square hole. Furthermore I would damage both the hole and the peg. And on top of that if I went to purchase you a replacement set and given two new sets to choose from, I w... 
Restrictions, behind the 8 ball.
Thanks 8th note,I am a veteran of some tough forums...boating, fishing, pipes....yes tobacco pipes. I try not to rise to the bait. My system journey is just beginning. I have realized two things so, the spouse is there and none too toler... 
Restrictions, behind the 8 ball.
Yes very new here. Been putting a system together for the last 6 months. Lurking and learning.What I wrote is obvious to most, just thought it would be useful to quantify. If I choose a 10 watt tube amp, I am limiting my speaker selections. Or sho... 
Whats playing on your system today?
The Angry MonkTony Furtado 
Surprising subjective feeling of iPhone DAC sound quality
What's everyone's take on the LG V40? I am using it and very satisfied. Stereophile had a nice review. Joe 
Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!
K's have it.Kid Rock, Kansas, Kiss. 
Whats playing on your system today?
Eat a PeachSACDJoe 
The truth about high end speakers MUST READ
Life is an adventure for some who laugh and dance and fail and enjoy what time they have left. Others croak and complain and congratulate themselves with sophistry and horse feathers. Joe 
Carver, THE standard of excellence IMO
How about the precedential defense? "Many people are saying....not just me....many, many people are saying." Glad to hear that service at Carver is so fantastic. Do they have any integrated amps? Joe 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Spanish Moon, Little Feat.What a great tune. Joe 
OP here.Loved the memory lane excursions.As for nets I would think they would do a great job with the vibration and improving isolation. Getting the measurements right would be a pia.  Not to mention SWMBO. Joe 
Who is the best singer of the world ?
I second Satchmo. Great timing.