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Acoustic Curtain for listening area
Remember that they will need to be broken in before they will exercise the most beneficial sound dampening. At least a week of hanging and be sure to hang in the right direction.     
Recommendations for small desktop speakers under $1500
The little Ushers are phenomenal.    
What became of Mahgister?
I believe Mahgister was older than most of us, late 70's or early 80's. So it is possible his health could be the reason. As for Miller his reasoning is the reason.    
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
13 years old at the Fort Eustis exchange in Virginia. 1971.   
Advice for Streaming Newbies - Best Bang for Our Bucks
Where is Occam's razor when you need it.   
Shave your CDs
Only my "Cream" cds.    
Best Dedicated Streamer
Another plug for Innous. Hard wired direct to my router with no special cables or filters. I do use their power supply. Sounds fabulous and their app is very good. Stram Tidal, radio stations, and my cd collection. And my Thorens sits sad and negl... 
Busted! Reviewer copies manufacturers sales page in review?
Cars, boats, cigars, name a magazine devoted to a product you get ad influenced opinions. But it is a starting point.   
The thing about objectivists is...
A knife is not a knife. But once thrust into your heart, well that is a sharp thing instantly and objectively measured. This argument is much like the nature v nurture dispute. It is a little bit of both. As a mother was once admonished, don't th... 
Can anyone tell me where the progress in audio went?
Oh yea +1 theaudioamp  
Can anyone tell me where the progress in audio went?
The video guy has obviously never met Kenjit.    
Best Sound Track Ever Vote for One
2001 A Space Odyssey  Barry Lyndon Dr. Zhivago Fantasia  
Don't do me any favors
How about some songs about Chinese cables?  
what’s a song cover that you think is better than the original?
Lyle Lovet's version of Friend of the Devil   Hard for me to admit, but it is better.   
Politics and Music
I don't agree this discussion has to be binary. The silent minority of the 60's did support the outcome of Watergate. They could support the war and relinquish their support of Nixon. Musical artists, while not comparable to the giants of literatu...