fake TL audio preamp in china

Remember TL audio? Make in UK but the factory seems like stop at 5 years ago. Still can find some old machine on ebay nowadays. But I find new TL audio 5060 preamp in China's online shop with a super low price, sure it is fake. The outside looking is just 100% same as the real one, so horrible.
Everyone should stop buying Chinese made goods anyway, there is more than enough great American, European, Japanese and Canadian made products to keep us all happy.
I am shocked, shocked, to hear something made in China is fake, crap, substandard, stolen, fraudulent. 

As if. China can't even build a lab that can hold their stolen bat virus. Their buildings are tofu- what the Chinese themselves call them, tofu buildings. 

With so much awesome audiophile gear being made right here in America you'd have to have your head examined to even be thinking of buying anything made in China.

There you go again with your conspiracy theories. Can you for once keep your right wing political agenda out of Audiogon?  Peddle you’re Right Wing conspiracy Stories elsewhere. 

@stereo5 - Where, in millercarbon’s post, was there anything even resembling a, "right wing, political agenda"?                  Unless either completely, willfully ignorant, or- just plain stupid, no one can deny that the chinese communists (caps deleted, with ALL due respect), are the premiere/most prolific manufacturers of the world’s worst (fake, crap, substandard, stolen, fraudulent), counterfeit products.     AND- they HAVE been, for decades.         ie: https://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/counterfeit-chinese-parts-slipping-us-military-aircraft-senate/story?id=16403599     and: https://daxueconsulting.com/counterfeit-products-in-china/    Then, there’s their rampant IP theft: https://www.crowelltradesecretstrends.com/2020/02/is-chinese-ip-theft-coming-to-an-end/#:~:text=Some%20examples%20of%20alleged%20Chinese,used%20by%20the%20United%20States.    But; you want to bury your head in the sand and pretend, "It’s no problem", right?      Your ilk is PATHETIC!
ROTFLMAO! Hey NPC5, do you even know you are NPC? Of course you don't! Or you wouldn't be NPC! LOL!
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With so much awesome audiophile gear being made right here in America you'd have to have your head examined to even be thinking of buying anything made in China.

Talk is cheap! Go look at mc’s system page and you will be shocked how many gears are from China!
just worry about when I buy a gear, I don't know it's real or fake, the quality is totally different with a same outlook.
I mentioned this in the other thread, I have owned quite a few Chinese hifi components and they have all be superlative. Many brands like Denafrips, Line Magnetic, Jay's Audio, Soundaware, Kinki Studio are all top notch in sonics, build quality and value.
Why are these silly, xenophobic topics always popping up?
Talk about "triggered".
Then, to add insult to injury, we normal folk have to sludge through all the right wing crap that follows. 

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Xenophobia is an irrational fear or dislike of people from other countries. The OP, and everyone else here, is talking about equipment. Why are you trying to turn a perfectly businesslike discussion of poor to fraudulent business practices and disrespect for the rule of law into something personal? Please keep your bigotry to yourself.


Did you actually buy that preamplifier from eBay, or wherever you found it?