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Differences in Audioquest Storm series (Thunder, Tornado, Hurricane)
@folkfreak $150 plus is retail pricing that has 2-3 layers of profit margin built in. That's not a comparable proposition than AQ using their own materials and labor, which would be no more than $75. You are still paying >2x profit margin. 
Target bias dictated by amp or by tube?
Thanks guys, sounds like the amp spec is the one to conform to. 
I listened to the Gryphon Diablo today , what an experience !
What you heard wasn't only the amplifier. What you heard was the entire system in that room. Everything from the music server to the size and treatment of the room had more collective effect on the sound than the amplifier alone. It will be intere... 
Just got AQ Niagara 1200 ...
@nasaman Your experience going from Thunder to Tornado is very interesting, i would not have expected such a huge change just one level up. What power cables were you running from your power conditioner to the rest of the systems? Did you upgrade ... 
Chinese fake cables How fake, how good?
That's usually the case, the "fake" cables are off the same manufacturing line using the same materials, just without the inordinate amount of mark-up and profit. When you consider the idea of getting ripped off, you gotta wonder who is really doi... 
Target bias dictated by amp or by tube?
Appreciate the answer. If one were to use the lower of the two, which means it would be running out of spec according to the amp, does the amp simply produce less power or will the sonic qualities suffer as well? 
Need Some Tube Amp Advice
Line Magnetic's amp are incredibly high value, considering the build and sound quality, especially if you buy used. Stereophile has one of their integrated listed as class A. 
B&W 801 S2 Fatigue VS. 802 S2 No Fatigue?
B&W is well known for its peaky treble and somewhat shouty top end, just look at measurement graphs. It's designed that way to sound "hifi" in Best Buy showrooms. I think that character was just more accentuated in the 801 that you're noticing 
Demo'd a few sets of speakers over the past 2 weeks...
What electronics was driving the Rp-600m? I recently got them and this is the first time I experienced horn, and they are a revelation with my Line Magnetic tube integrated 
DENAFRIPS DAC ---- Owner Impressions, Feedback, General Discussion, Questions and more....
That's really interesting, I wonder besides the higher sample rates, if there are noticeable sonic improvements for red book streaming. 
Has anyone heard the ProAc Reference SM100?
I'm interested to know as well 
ATC SCM 40 v 2 and tube amplifiers
The db rating doesn’t really tell the whole story of how an amplifier is going to do with a given set of speakers. You need to look at the impedance curve of the speakers throughout the entire frequency spectrum crossed referenced with the phase a... 
Beginner's Guide to Replace Cartridge on Music Hall MMF 2.2
Thanks for the reply guys, great tips. 
Opinions and recommendations on active loudspeakers
@inna Because those would be the amps that best matches the speakers capabilities and maximize their potential,  chosen by the designer of the speaker themselves. ATC makes their own amps. 
Denafrips Terminator vs. Venus
I saw that too. That's the page and videos I was referring to in the OP. I listened to them and couldn't pick out any difference that couldn't be attributed to selective focus and/or confirmation bias. Knowing compressed Youtube videos are not the...