Best China made super integrated amplifiers

I am interested in trying the China made super integrated amplifiers and need some advice on which is the best and most reputable. I am attracted by the convinience and the powerful wattage of these amps although the best would be to have pre and power setup. The model I have in mind are Dussun v8i, Xindak A600, Shanling A3.1, Jungson JA 99D class A and AB version, and Shengya A203mk. I will use it to drive my Vandersteen 3A sig speaker. Music played are mostly jazz,vocal and classical.
On second thought, you might not be able to procure Audio-gd stateside anymore. PacificValve used to have some of their product but a quick look shows them not to have as large a selection anymore. You might want to contact them.
Or, you can contact Audio-gd directly but there would be no dealer support stateside.
Good luck.
Thanks for the suggestion. Will definitely give it a look. As mentioned there are so many new integrated amp from chinese manufacturers nowaday and difficult to know how good they are. All seem to be very good value for money.
Kavent, Shungya, Vincent.
In terms of reputable, Eastern Electric and Jolida come to mind right away, and they have domestic distribution and representation.
I have Vandy's as well and thought about going the same direction as you. I went and listen to both the Jungson and the Xindak when I was shopping in Guangzhou. Both amps had excellent fit and finish. But I could never listen to them with my speakers. I was really thinking about the Xindak mono blocks.
I ended up with a Jolida 502 and have been having fun with mods. I also looked at the A600 in Hong Kong but didn't listen to it. The dealer told me to buy the Cayin 88t. He said it sounded better. Not sure why he steered me away from the A600?

By the way I didn't buy the mono's because the dealer in Shanghai wouldn't take them out of the box for me to listen to. He said I must buy them for him to open the box. I don't know if that was an indication of their customer service or just a bad shop?
Vincent V-60...outstanding amp.
Cayin. Fantastic bang for the buck and resell well here.