Toslink Cable : Lifatec vs Wireworld Supernova 7

Hi, I want to buy a great sounding glass toslink optical cable for my cable box to processor. 

I've read that Lifatec and WW Supernova 7 are 2 of the preferred choices. If you have a better recommendation, please let me know. I know many opinions are that all toslink sounds the same but my ears should be able to hear a difference if I  upgrade to a glass toslink as I am using a cheap plastic one now.  The AudioQuest flagship Diamond is not in my price range.

Has anyone compared the two cables I'm contemplating? I want to achieve transparency and dynamic slam for movies/tv. My components are quite decent if that helps too. 


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I tried the WW Supernova : it did sound a bit better than standard plastic grade toslink - but of course a lot more $.  

If you're interested in one, PM me.  I know a dealer who has a new one he wants to move (they are not big sellers).  
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Guys, resurrecting back this thread. I just received my lifatec toslink to replace my old emk optical. Have decided to emit usb for connection to my dac (chord qutest) from dedicated 2010 mbp (maxed out at 24/96) running tidal through audirvana. Ive found the sound ALOT cleaner than using atlas element se usb cable. So ive decided to upgrade the toslink to lifatec eventho i didnt have a problem w the old emk toslink. What kind of improvement should I be expecting? I didnt really do a/b comparison cause i dont want to ruin/dirty up the glass connection as ive read can be distorted if the connection is bad.