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KT88 in Rogue ST-100 amplifier
What are you lacking with the KT120?  I much preferred Gold Lion KT88 when I had a Primaluna integrated over the KT120 but that's a different circuit. The KT120 were very powerful and dynamic but lacked in midrange richness. Very analytical and al... 
Audio envy - dang!
@tom2015I know this thread is old but did you ever let the AE power cable break in and what were your thoughts please?  
Audio Research from VSi75 to LS28SE/VT80SE or Ref 6SE/Ref75SE?
Personally I think it depends on if you just want to try something different and of course the Ref75SE/LS28 would be the way to go.  Separates almost always get you better sound quality if the budget allows.  
Why the hate for mcintosh amps?
I find it hilarious people say McIntosh is uber expensive and for Dr's and lawyers.  If they knew much about the industry and prices of other high-end components they would definitely change their mind and find it very affordable in comparison.  I... 
Mcintosh 462 stereo amp, good choice for b&w? Others
 Missioncoonery is a Mac hater so disregard his advice or comments.   
McIntosh Tube vs SS w/ Sonus Faber Aida II
@missioncoonery Yes going back to your original post yes you owned a 402. I do also and sorry you had issues.  Usually from what I've heard McIntosh customer service is pretty good.  However,  do you think basically your opinion of McIntosh has ch... 
McIntosh Tube vs SS w/ Sonus Faber Aida II
@ei001h. Fantastic advice and obviously you know McIntosh very well.  The naysayers continue to make fools of themselves because I bet 90% of them have never heard MAC or a properly set up system. There are people that don't like it legitimately a... 
McIntosh Tube vs SS w/ Sonus Faber Aida II
@missioncoonery .  If you want to hang on to Jay's opinion that's your choice but MAC is NOT one of the worst amps.  He just didn't like the sound in his room.  There is a reason they have been in business for 70 years.  Have you owned or had MAC ... 
Brand new McIntosh MC462 or a Mint Pair of MC501s ?
You may get some good answers on audio and audio karma. Have your searched MC462 versus MC501? 
McIntosh MC402
Mcintosh is midfi and Pass is considered hifi? Funny I find the opposite.  Goes to show opinions differ. 
Mcintosh MC402 versus MC452
What the ???. 
McIntosh MC402
Excellent description phillyb.   
100W+ solid-state amps known for beautiful mids
@peguinpower. I had the exact opposite experience with the Pass X150.8 and Audio Research.  I found the ARC to have wonderful mids and the Pass very sterile lacking any midrange magic.  Could be system dependent but it's crazy how we have totally ... 
Bryston, McIntosh, Krell or Mark Levinson
Out of the amps you mentioned I would go for the 352 but it depends on what kind of sound you prefer.  
Sonus Faber vs Wilson
A friend of mine who lives in Miami visited the same dealer and listened to the same system.  He said it was the best he's heard but like a previous poster mentioned, his room is set-up perfectly and pretty sure you won't get near the same results...