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Any thoughts on Pass X150.8 ?
Sonically I wasn't crazy over the 150.8. Build quality is fantastic but overall the midrange was analytical and boring. The bass was very good and highs were also however,  I could never warm up to the amp. Was using with Sonus Faber Olympica 3s w... 
Valve Amp for Sonus Faber Sonetto IIIs
@jjss49 totally agree. My Olympica 3s sound wonderful with the REF75SE.    
LS28 upgrade to LS28SE
Thank you docknow.   
LS28 upgrade to LS28SE
@aniwolfe. Yes lots of thought and thoughtfulness 🤣  
LS28 upgrade to LS28SE
What does PV56LX have to do with LS28?  
Best 12AU7 Type Tubes for a Preamp
I prefer Brimars. Gorgeous midrange and a little more sparkle up top than Mullards.   
What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
ARC Ref75SE and LS28.  Done with upgrades. Very happy with this combination.    
Magico Ultimate III - $700,000 Speakers
If Jay toured the Magico facility and recommends then I'm sure people will place a 2nd mortgage on their house 🤣🤭😜  
Have opportunity to buy BHK 300's or Pass Labs 250.8 for my Thiel 3.7's- thoughts??
Have you considered Audio Research? I used to use a Ref110 with Thiel 2.7 with very good results.    
ARC REF 150 Buzzing noise
KT150 are just fine to use in the Ref150. In fact they should sound much better than the 120s.   
What stand mount monitors works w/ Pass XA 30.5?
This was originally posted in 2011.   
Has anyone compared Lumin the U1 Mini to the U2 Mini?
Jason have you done any comparisons of servers and if so please give examples.    
arc ref5-se
I wouldn't take to seriously what Albert has for sale. The same components consistently come up for sale.  Hate to say this but bait and switch tactics.  I purchased a preamp from him a couple years ago but since tried to reach him a couple other ... 
Rogue 100 dark
I found the Rogue had a tubey sound just not that older classic tube sound. Rolling in better 12au7 and 12ax7 improved it a lot. Well at least it did on the stock ST100 and not Dark. Like the above poster mentioned look at your setup. The ST100 is... 
New PrimaLuna versus used Audio Research preamp?
Safebelayer I laughed at your post. You obviously have a beef with Kevin and Primaluna? I would ignore his opinions OP.  I've bought and sold tons of gear over the years and I can politely say Primaluna is very good especially at its price point a...