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Tubes from Russia block
I have used 1578, 6n1P, 6N8S and 6n23p. They are not always closely matched but I have never had one DOA. 
Tube Extenders
Check with tubemonger he may have some. 
Jolida JD801 BRC
A bit difficult as you would need to remove the main pcb to access the screws on the cylinder behind the kt88's. If you take it apart and change those and later it has a problem they may no longer cover the unit under warranty? 
Voltage converter 110-220V
Just as a test, try lifting the ground plug on your preamp power cord. Use one of those cheater plugs that will allow you to use a two prong socket. If the noise goes away, you are probably looking at a ground loop. If it does eliminate your probl... 
Repair or mod CJ PV-12?
There is a really good possibility that something else caused the transformer to go bad. I've heard of PS problems with those units. Anyway, good luck and let us know. 
Repair or mod CJ PV-12?
It really depends what you want to do with the unit and if you are wanting to save money. For a tech that is familiar with tube gear,replacing the transformer is not very difficult. Replacing the transformer with a different will possible require ... 
Lightspeed Attenuator - Best Preamp Ever?
I have been using my dual mono version for a few months now. It has always been dead quiet and did great things right out of the box. I have recently added the rechargeable battery and it has pushed things to an even higher level. I know that some... 
Tekton custom grills
I think he must be a bit overwhelmed? I've emailed him a few times regarding his speakers. No reply at all. 
Need a repair shop for tube amp Detrioit-Toledo
If you are not able to find someone send me a PM. I know a tech in Toledo that has been working on tube gear for about 50 years. He is retired now, but may be interested. 
Budget DAC - Have AE D2
Here is a budget DAC shootout. It's worth a read anyway. 
DIY/Home Brew Taking A Risk
Have you listened to any of the guys speakers? Is this a proven designed or something he suggested to you? I have no woodworking skill and have never attempted building speakers. I have seen some beautiful builds on the DIY forums by some guys wit... 
Hook up wire
It's the name given to the internal wire on your components. The wire that carries the B+ voltages, signals and grounds. As to quality and sound? (used for building gear) 
Lots of detail, great imaging, not much bass?
Tekton should be on your list to consider. 
DAC for entry level system
Tonyangel, Yes the ODAC only has a USB input. No frills, but the sound is good.Darkstar1, The HRT Streamer II+ is something I may also have to try. 
DAC for entry level system
Take a look at the ODAC sold at JDS Labs. There are a number of reviews on it, especially in the headphone forums. For the hefty price of $150 you won't be disappointed.