ESL's to Monitors

I need to downsize my speakers. I have a set of SL3's with a BAT vk30 pre and PSE 140 watt monoblocks. The speakers are too large for the place I am currently in and I am thinking of selling them and getting some monitors like Quads or Spica -50's. Does anybody have any suggestions for some small speakers that have the clarity and detail of the ESL's?
I would suggest you listen to the KEF LS50s. Not quite electrostatic, but close, and an excellent speaker for a small room.
IMO the KEF LS50 speakers, while excellent for a small room, do not sound at all like any electrostatic speaker I have ever heard. But they are nice bookshelf units.

I recently purchased a pair of Larsen 6 speakers for my smallish listening room. They are small floor standers; designed to be placed right up against the wall. They are excellent and provide extraordinary sound that I would describe as a cross between a planar (wide soundstage) and dynamic box speakers (musical and bright). I like 'em.
I have not heard the new LS50's, but the reviews are good. I would like to spend no more than what I can sell the SL3's for, so around $800 seems about right. I have not heard or seen the Larsens for sale or heard them so I will have to look them up.
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The Eminent Technology monitors are well worth hearing. Planar Magnetic midrange and tweeter, cone bass. Better than Maggies!
Reference 3A
Fritz CARRERA or Carbon 7 SE
You should be able to get a used pair of Spendor 3/5's with a nice pair of stands for under your price point of $800. I had them years ago and they are an outstanding little speaker.
Coincident Triumph Extreme IIs. Excellent speakers. They kicked my Magnepan 3.7Rs to the curb.
Thank you for all the responses. Many of these I will have to look up and I do have to keep the price down.One of the reasons I moved into a smaller place is that money is tight. Also, I live at least a 3 to 4 hour drive from any decent stereo store and I do want to preview before I buy. I have an old pair of Sansui SP-3500's that I can use for the pinch until I find something.Please keep the references coming so when I do drive to the city I can set up a number of listening sessions. And ,yes, I know that what I hear in one place won't sound the same in another due to room dynamics, etc.
Janszen makes electrostat bookshelves
2nd on Janszen. (keep the speakers - make the room larger).
King Sound makes a bookshelf electrostatic hybrid called the princess and princess 2
Janzen on a $800 budget? Please guys tell me where and I'm on my way!
Thanks guys. Priced most of these and they are out of my range new and I can't find any used. I did look into building my own Hybrid bookshelf speakers and figure I can do that for about a grand. Right now that might be my only option.