does any r2r ladder dac have standby power mode?

if anybody can help me who has one .I am looking at the audio gd r8 mk2 and the denafrips pontus or venus .do these dac have a standby power mode thanks kully
Why?  DACs burn hardly any power so just leave it on 24/7 if turning it off is too much of a burden.  First-world problems.  Yeesh. 
Schitt recommends you leave theirs on all the time, have to reach around back to turn them off. Enjoy the music
I was not worried about power! some dac like bryston have a standby mode ! it was just a question, why do you have second world problems yeesh PS  audio gd runs class A on power supply HOT if you do not know
Well, don’t i feel silly.  What was I even thinking?  Clearly you’ve got a handle on this, so enjoy. 
All MSB Technologies DACs have stand by i think

i don’t understand why you feel a standby mode is important (if it is in fact something different than just powering down the whole unit via an on-off switch)?

even if the audio gd dac runs hot... so you just shut it down when you aren’t listening

what am i missing?

fwiw - denafrips dacs when plugged in to the wall socket, will show a standby l-e-d as 'on'... not sure what internal components are left running and active though...

I do not have any of these dacs and was just wondering what they did as far as heat swing from a cold start to running hot . also how long it takes to get to a full blossom sound , longevity of parts ? heat kills electronics but class A sound the best. I do not want to leave it on 24/7 so I was just looking for maybe an option in these r2r dacs as there is no details I see in the audio gd and the denafrips sites as I thought maybe the owners would chime in.  thanks for the replies 
I would ask Walter (Underwood HiFi) about idle wattage
Can't speak about either of those but Rockna R2Rs have standby.  The Wavelight is controlled from an app on your phone.  
denafrips just email me back if anybody is interested the denafrips dac have a standby mode which will give a warm start and keep the r2r in thermal equilibrium temps!!!
I can't speak for all R2R dacs, but most do have standby.
I just check with underwood hifi, the audio gd dacs remain on all the time with no standby.
Unless you just turn it off.  Oh the horror!
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hey soix , if you do not have anything nice to say then say nothing and mind your own stereo!! 

life is sooo short, the 20 minutes for the system to come up to temp will never be regained!!!

hey soix , if you do not have anything nice to say then say nothing and mind your own stereo!!
Okey dokey.  I’ll just put myself in standby mode.