Enough Power

So I just picked up a Rega3 60 Watt integrated amp, and will be receiving my Saturn shortly. Was a little suprised to see how far I had to turn the dial up to get some juice going through my older Vandersteen 2C’s. Right around the 1:00 position, things start jumping adequately. Don’t always listen at this volume, just when I want to wake up a bit.

Been looking to get into a pair of Spendor s6e. Will there be ample juice to push these speakers. Any other suggestions?


The Vandersteen isnt exactly what most consider a efficient speaker, if the Splendor is higher your volume will be lower to get same sound.
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The location of the volume control is more indicative of gain through the amp than power delivery. It follows the same idea as you would have to turn the volume higher for a low output source. As long as the amp is not clipping (distortion) I wouldn't worry where the volume control is set.
I will say that 60 watts is probably not enough for the Vandersteen in a normal room at normal volumes without inducing clipping on peaks.
If you like the Vandersteen sound, you need to go listen to the new 2Ce Signature II's at $2195 retail. What a great speaker at the price. And yes, the older 2C is not even close to its performance!