Power Conditioning? What About Tripp Lite??

Tripp Lite makes power conditioners that are much more affordable than any of usual the audiophile brands (e.g. PS Audio, Chang, R Gray)... BUT are they good for audio? Has anyone used them?

They make both power conditioners and isolation transformers. Comments please???
I have used for about ten years one of the power conditioners for my CD transport, DAC, Genesis digital lens, and SCE harmonic enhancer. The Aronov integrated amp goes separately into a different wall outlet via Mapleshade double helix mk 2 plus power cord for full dynamics prevented by the conditioner. I have been through many power fluctuations, and power outages with never any damage to front end components. Although not state of the art the unit is immortal and refuses to stop doing what seems to be an admirable job. The speakers at the other end are Duntech.
Just my thoughts.
No, Power Conditioner is going to be good really,but I have confered with someone that usess one and he is in the Biz and swears they are good enough for regular frontend components.

Anytime you insert something in the loop it will have a sinature or take away from the original signal.

Your Amp should be plugged directly in the wall BTW.

I tried a Ctberpower unit a few weeks ago and it sucked! I am not using a unit of any kind at the moment.

I do want to try other units,but at the moment they are not cost effective for me and would rather spend my $$ on components to improve playback!

Maybe i'll run into someone that will allow me to borrow a better unit!

Trip Lite? Yes I've tried them along with dozens of others;
Corona - what do you recommend and why?. I've just started researching, and so far I have heard mixed things about Richard Gray, generally good things about the (expensive) PS audio units... What else?
they suck.
Mejames: They do!

Try-Exact Power [$2000]
Peter, If you want to surprise yourself, omit power conditioning, and simply plug your power cords into Mapleshade Clearview Double Helix Power Strip,with "Plus treatment." This is what I do with my high resolution Big Boy system. As long as you do not need the protection of a more complicated conditioner then you will not believe your ears. There is really no logical explanation why this cheap unit lets a system perform up to its potential. This is not for listening during your worst local electrical storms or power crises as it does not "protect" or "isolate" like a megabuck unit. But, it definitely seems to allow great clarity and dynamics as if it is eliminating the powerline nasties. Mapleshade looks homemade, but delivers performance. Audiogon folks are either for them or against them as the design and execution are not conventional.
You have not mentioned what components you are considering plugging into your eventual purchase. Also. your budget for power conditioning.
I'm with Listener57 on the Mapleshade double helix plus power strip. I couldn't believe how good my system sounds after the unit broke in after 100 hours or so. It's relatively cheap and the look is nothing to write home about, but it works great. I have all my components plugged into it. Even my Bel Canto amp, with the Nite pc, plugged in sounded smoother and more "correct" than going direct to the wall. I'm curious though, would my front end benefit even more with something like an Audio Magic mini digital. Anyhow, just my two cents, if you're looking for something relatively cheap that works well, you got nothing to lose with their 30 day trial period.
Peter_s, if you have chance, must try Harmonix ALS-777. I've one and tested in many setup, it seldoms let me down. It produce a very definite soundstage and quiet the blackground. Can't notice any current limitation even for a poweramp at 300Wx2.