Do you ration your favorite music?

When I find some new music that is outstandingly good and that is also exceptionally well recorded, I find myself rationioning my listening to it. I try to avoid over playing it to make sure I dont spoil it for myself. I think this might be one of the drivers for the size of my collection. How about you?
Mike60, I know exactly what you mean. I do the same thing. A little voice says "don't play that now, you just listened to it a couple days ago, it's too good to risk getting bored with it, wait awhile." Of course, sometimes that little voice gets overruled by another little but louder voice that says "on the other hand, you could die in your sleep tonight so why deprive yourself now?"
Yes, familarity can breed contempt, so to speak! I burned out on quite a few recordings and learned the hard way. I now have many treasured pieces that I rarely listen to so when I go back to them they are still fresh. Eva Cassidy is a great example (for me) I think.
I'm sure not lately. One of if not my favorite bands is Golden Earring. About 98% of what has been coming through my speakers lately has been them. I've been loving it but have wondered if I should back off as not to tire of what is an oustanding output of material since the late 60's.
It depends on the music. If it's new music, something I just discovered, I tend to play it until I fully absorb it. This can take a few weeks of once a day plays. If it's one of the "classic" recordings I will listen to it when I'm in the mood for a good listen. What I mean by classics is an album I have come to really enjoy for both the artistic qualities as well as the recording quality. Holly Cole's "Temptation" is an example.
I try and ration and for me it's very difficult. That's why I spend a lot of time researching new music. The best thing I ever did was fell in love with David Byrnes compilation called Brazil Classics 1 back in the late 80's. I had it for years and just enjoyed it. Then I started to get curious about the artists so I began to research Brazilian music. The history of it was interesting enough, but when I started purchasing music I fell into this whole new world of amazing music and its been with me ever since. There's still a lot more to be discovered. Last night I ended my evening with Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim. One cannot deny the fact that The Girl from Ipanema is one of the greatest Jazz tunes of all time, but the funny thing is its not the best tune on this record.
Not me-I play it as many times as I want until I get sick of it. Then I shelve it for a few weeks or months and come back to it.
of course not, its the only point of having a decent system, the pleasure of the music. What am I missing here?
No, I think the key(for me) is to keep your music collection somewhat limited. This way every recording has nearly the same value and interest.
Yes, definitely for the albums that I consider masterpieces. I use them as a treat, just like I might a very fine cigar or 20 year old Scotch. I guess I’m trying to make every time like the first time.
" Familiarity can breed contempt " LOL. I'm somewhat the opposite, when I hear some music I like I just can't get enough of it, and go from liking it to loving it.
YES!!! Once per day is my rule. I can make the fun last for months. Sometimes, with truly exceptional works, even years. After awhile the emotional 'high' is gone, even if you enjoy the music, so for me this is really special. I have been able to connect with some Tull albums for years on an almost daily basis. That connection would've expired much more quickly if I'd have played them records over and over again looking for a quick thrill.
Well, I don't ration myself, but I hardly ever listen to the same thing more than once in any short time (days?). When I listen to something I really like, it also makes me think of other things that would be good to listen to, and so I'm wanting to hear something else after enjoying a particular album. As the music changes, so does my mood, so it may be a while before I get back to something I recently listened to, but I put on whatever I feel like at the time without consideration of whether or not I played it recently.