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Power Conditioner: Isotek, Audioquest or other?
I'm fortunate enough to have the space for three audio systems plus a home theater set up. In my main rig I use an Isotek Aquarius with an Audioquest Thunder power cable. I purchased the Isotek from The Audio Doctor after reading how they compared... 
Advice Please On Speaker Cables For Vintage Advent Large
Thanks for those replies.I'll look in to it.   
Advice Please On Possible Vandersteen Purchase
Thanks all. I'm setting up a date to go look at them and hopefully hear them too. Will report back.  
Advice Please On Possible Vandersteen Purchase
Unsound, thanks for responding. I do sit at a table facing the Cambridge/Wharfedale set up. The vintage gear is behind me on the opposite wall. I'm around 7-8 fret away from the former and maybe 12 feet from the vintage set up. I may also add that... 
Top vintage receivers vs. modern high-end equipment
When I retired I set about on a project to build a vintage system. I'm very nostalgic and looked for gear I had in the seventies. I have managed to compile a system that includes the same integrated amp, equalizer, and a model cassette player very... 
Guys, thanks for the informative and enlightening posts. I have switched to RCA but it has helped only marginally.  I will look at those links and pursue.  Thanks again. Mark   
Importance of power cable for Turntable?
I have a VPI Aries Scout and I hired a local dealer who also happens to be a real analog guru to make a house call to set it up properly.  He said the outboard power supply on my particular table was in no way in need of an expensive power cable. ... 
Power Cable Suggestions Please For Integra Receiver
Thanks for all the replies. Not sure what I will do but I have something's to think about. 
Will Musical Fidelity A3cr work with Power Plant P300?
I have had a P-300 for many years and never ran my amp through it. Source components only.   
Question Regarding Using Two Subs In HT
Bill, thanks. The sub that came with the speaker package is a small six inches. Our existing sub is an Energy 8 inch. I'm currently trying to find someone reasonably priced one on the used market so we can have a matching pair.   
Vintage Speaker Choice
I did stack them as suggested with the top one upside down. I'm very satisfied for how old they  and my Yamaha Integrated Amp are. My vintage Yamaha table is sounding good too. I'm using thin and old Monster Cable with bare wire on both ends. Was ... 
Question Regarding Using Two Subs In HT
Ok, makes sense. Our installer was adamant a second sub be indentical. Not wanting to spend that $ right now. 
Question Regarding Using Two Subs In HT
Bill,  please elaborate. Thanks. 
Vintage Speaker Choice
Hi all and thanks for all the responses. I ended up buying The Advents. They are in wonderful shape both functionally and cosmetically. Sound great with my Yamaha CA 810. The seller actually had four and I ended up going for all of them when I rea... 
Vintage Speaker Choice
Thanks, this "vintage museum system" as if taken to calling it is actually system #3. Been treating myself in retirement. I've got  new Wharfedale 225's in system #2.