Did you know....?

Little known facts about music, musicians, and their work.

Did you know that Nora Jones was Ravi Shankar's daughter?
Gosh, really?

Did you know that Chip Taylor is John Voight's brother? Did you know he wrote the country classic - Angel of the Morning and the rock classic - Wild Thing? If you're saying to yourself "Who the heck is Chip Taylor", check out the recording - Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriquez Live from the Ruhr Triennale. It's a fantastic live recording.....
Yeah yeah, reubent! Chip and Carrie also have a couple of studio albums, good stuff.
Is that John Voight the dentist or Jon Voight the actor?

Pretty sure it's the one with that owned the Lebaron.....
I don't get the LeBaron reference.
I guess everyone knows the connection between Rita Coolidge and Bill Withers. 
George from Seinfeld had a Lebaron once owned by John Voight lol!  
@geoffkait   -  Is that John Voight the dentist or Jon Voight the actor?
Jimmy Page never learned to drive. Always has a chauffeur.
Jerry's guitar Tiger weighed 13 and a 1/2 pounds. 

Warren Haynes (Allman Bros.,Gov't Mule) co-wrote the Garth Brooks hit song "Two of a Kind (Workin' on a Full House)".
Marcie Campbell (wife of Mike of Tom Petty and Heart Breakers) runs a charity for dogs and they have many rescue dogs on their Woodland Hills property and even Chinese chickens and pot belly pigs! Really nice people.
Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Ed King was in the band Strawberry Alarm Clock.
Strawberry Alarm Clock! Oh no!
The answer to Rita Coolidge/Bill Withers Is Booker T. Jones. He produced both of them and married Rita's sister.
We didn't introduce suggestive recordings in the recent past. Listen carefully to this graphic gem from 1937.

....it's funny what we notice about the people we listen to.  And how talent seems to run in the family DNA, but expresses itself differently...

I'll suppose that trait is typical for all of us, but sometimes you look about and go 'Huh?  So, what happened here?" *LOL*

Sorry, just a snide aside....;)
Mike Balzary and Keith Barry founded Silverlake Conservatory of Music (non-profit school). They raise money for the school regularly.
Neil Young and Rick James were in a band together, The Mynah Birds, in Canada in the 60's.

There are two bluesmen named Sonny Boy Williamson, both well-known. The first was really named Williamson, the second, even more well-known, took his name.
Speaking of Rick James...Charlie Murphy and he used to kick it back in the day until Rick went out of control and wrecked Eddie's couch!  
Graham Parsons' real name was Cecil Conner III, and he was a rich kid Harvard (one semester) dropout.
What a coincidence! Bill Gates was also a Harvard dropout and is rich. 
Did you know that Nora Jones was Ravi Shankar's daughter?

Don't forget Anoushka Shankar, the famous sitar player. I have several of her albums. 
Muddy Waters' real name was McKinley Morganfield?
David Bowie's real name was David Jones but he didn't want to compete with Davey Jones of the Monkees.
Steppenwolf releases "The Pusher" and "Snowblind Friend" were written by country singer/songwriter Hoyt Axton. His Mother Mae Boren Axton wrote many songs including "Heartbreak Hotel".
Waylon Jennings gave up his seat on the plane to The Big Bopper, the rest is history.
Morganfeld, IIRC - no i
Waylon Jennings was once on Seseme Street. 
Did you know that Sgt. Pepper, of "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band", was a Canadian Police officer assigned to the Beatles security when they were in Toronto for two concerts.

No Chris, but I do know that that album is one of, if not the, most over-rated albums in history. In my opinion, of course! Amongst The Beatles albums, I much prefer both Rubber Soul and Revolver.
I’m surprised you didn't know Eric (bdp24). If I was on one of those millionaire dollar game shows, and it was a music question; had one life line left, a phone call....I would call you. 8^0

Well I’m Canadian and did not know either. It was the anniversary of the album and it was in the news here. According to the coverage, Sgt Pepper took the Beatles security duty seriously, even though he thought they were "ruffians and hooligans"

That Glenn Campbell was a Beach Boy?
Chris, there’s a new book out by Ed Ward, entitled The History of Rock & Roll (Volume One 1920-1963). There is a fair amount of information new to me about The Beatles very early days, and the pre-Elvis roots of R & R. Well worth anyone’s time to read. Volume Two is to follow sometime in the future. Ward is a pretty good writer, not a great one imo.
Paul claims the name Sgt Pepper came from combining the words salt and pepper.  I tend to believe Paul about this.
Hoyt Axton also wrote Joy To The World.
That Zep's "Going To California" was more or less about Joni Mitchell?
Stewart Copeland had 12 horses and once played Polo against Prince Charles and won.

I recall from one of your past posts that you have actually been to a Beatles concert ? 

Have a look at Paul's port side elbow ... here

My money is on the Canadian story. :^) 

You remember well, my very first (12th b'day, 1964, baltimore, with my dear dad).  

Seems this adds credence to your version!
Stewart Copeland's brother was nicknamed Leroy Coolbreeze when he served in Vietnam.
Russell Crowe is a musician and good buddies with Alan Doyle of Canadian band Great Big Sea. They often play together with Russel joining the band. As a return favor Russel had Alan Doyle act in his movie Robin Hood.
One and One and One is three?
Seems like it oughta be Three.
 .....that The Band's The Shape I'm In was written by Robbie Robertson about Richard Manuel's bouts with depression and desperation and that it was originally mixed and engineered by Todd Rundgren; but later sent to Britain to be remixed by Glyn Johns?
...that when The Rolling Stones were recording Blue and Lonesome just by coincidence Eric Clapton was also working on a new album at the same studio. They asked him to join them, which he did, for one song. 

Good one! 

Did you know they both used ATC speakers for monitoring....