Can anyone recommend a great tube preamp that also has a headphone out?

Can anyone recommend a great tube preamp that also has a headphone out? One I tried that I really liked is the Zesto Leto 1.5, but it's really pricey. Looking to spend 3 grand, at most. Thanks!

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Manley Neo-Classic 300B.  Just upgraded to Takatsuki 300B tubes which now makes it  officially amazing.  Used it falls in your price range. 
+1 Manley but the Takatsuki is out of my budget so I’m using Emission Labs instead.
This one has been getting many great reviews not only for the preamp but for the HP amp section as well, the Linear Tube Audio MZ2 w/ LPS.  It's what I will be buying in the next year or so.
Why not consider a hybrid integrated? 

Linear Tube Audio MZ2-S biggest bang for the buck in Audio. A world class product at a real world price.
Why not consider a hybrid integrated?

I already have a high-end solid state power amplifier that I love. 

Thanks for the suggestions so far. The Manley preamp is looking mighty fine.

Rogue RP-5, $3500.00.  Can probably get a 10% discount if persistent.
I recently bought a Modwright SWL 9.0 Anniversary Edition.  Not a great choice if you are looking for a really tubey sound, but perfect if you value neutrality and dynamics. 

Linear Tube Audio Micro Zotl. Fantastic headphone amp that happens to make a giant killer of a Pre Amp as well.
I also like the Linear Tube Audio recommendation, but I'd also first check with Don Sachs to see what it would cost to add a headphone out to his SP14 preamp (or just call him to see what he says).  I'd be pretty surprised if he couldn't meet your specs at or below your price target.  Personally, that's what I'd do and never look back.  I'm buying his preamp as soon as I get spousal approval.  Best of luck in your search. 
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+1 on the Rogue RP-5.  I have the RP-1 and really like it and the support has been good as well.
I've had a Manley 300 for a few years.  If your budget can handle it, it's a fine preamp. I just made my first audio purchase since the Manley and I'm pairing the Manley with nat mono blocks.  Like them together very much.  I looked at linear tube audio also. Also a strong contender.


I agree with the Don Sachs Preamp. I hope to get one soon as well. But HOW does one get "spousal approval"?. I'm not sure my wife has ever given least until after she hears it. I had to sneak a ScoutMaster turntable in the house. She didn't notice cause it looked similar to the one it reeplaced. But I messed up a month later when I brought her the credit card bill with it listed. I didn't mean to do that.. That was about 10 yrs ago. Shes still with me....43 yrs this yr.
Check into the Rogue Pharaoh,  it's probably got all you ask for and more. Has a great headphone out! IMO. it's right in your budget brand new.

“...But HOW does one get "spousal approval"

Sometimes its much better to ask for forgiveness later than ask for permission first.
PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium $3100 new, you won't regret it!
I use the Linear Tube Audio MZ2 solely as my preamp today, the best I’ve ever owned.  It not only has a headphone output, it is a premier headphone amp.  Check the many reviews.  Most buy this for their headphones.  I’ll be dipping my toes into headphone usage soon. I do a lot of late night listening and headphones will be the answer for not disturbing the wife.
PS Audio BHK Signature Preamp

"Looking to spend 3 grand, at most. Thanks!"

LTA MZ2 - $2,160 with every upgrade option.

+1 for PS Audio BHK Signature. You can save quite a lot if you take full advantage of their trade-in offer.
Decware CSP2/CSP2+/CSP3