Cable Risers/Elevators revisited

For a couple of years now, I've been using ceramic cable elevators, you know, the ones that are overpriced telephone pole pieces.  😉 I've used them blindly, and always have had a pretty revolving system, since my speaker upgrade earlier this year, I've been reevaluating things.  Last night I decided to remove the cable elevators from the system and let the cables rest au natural on the carpeted floor.  Honestly, I wasn't expecting a world of differnce.   Well, to my surprise, it sounded-better?!   Larger soundstage, much better timbre and bloom, less analytical, with better dynamics.  It sounds way less hifi, and more like a live performance.   I   I can't  believe it.   I would have thought the opposite would have been found.   I'm at a loss.  Reinserting the lifters brings a super squeaky clean, but univolving and electronic sound.   Not sure if it's gen ceramic, but maybe a test drive of different lifter materials is in order.  

Interesting, I have found the same effect as you describe, albeit, very slight difference with lifters but noticable.  I have tried several materials - wood, hockey pucks, pipe insulators and the effect is the same.  My cables now rest on hardwood floors and the sound seems more natural.
Not terribly surprising considering that ceramic as a material is an excellent resonator. The best way to escape the deleterious effects of electric static charge and vibration is to suspend the cables and cords from the ceiling with fishing line and eye hooks. 👀
For the more adventurous or wary among you put a rubber band on one end of the fishing line to turn the thing into a spring. If the significant other complains about stuff hanging from the ceiling all over the place there's always Enid Lumley's cable tunnels, which I'm quite expert at. 
As I stated in a previous post, the ceramic insulators color the sound. Any improvement from lifting off the floor is marred by a change in tonal balance among other things. I have found the acrylic risers to be the most neutral, however, I am on carpet and can't speak to improvements with hardwood floors. 
+1 goeffkait I did not care for ceramic either, and I had made my own.
However we employed the fish line system, it is by far one of the most profound tweaks we have ever done. I guess I am one very lucky man,
my wife insisted we use the fish line system. 
Shunyata DF-SS  Dark Field Suspension System is the best they improve the sound greatly and are much better than anything i have used previously by a wide margin.
I read somewhere the big problem with ceramic risers is the metals in the glaze...I use maple, not sure if it improves the sound, but it's cheap and keeps my power cords and cables separated...
Audiophile artistry, refinement and frugality front and center! 👯

"Charmin tubes sound better than Angel Soft - tighter bottom end"

Agreed. Nothing worse sounding than flatulent seraphim...
Geoffkait ......I have used the ceramic Cable Elevators for years and never gave it a second thought and never tried anything else. They got the cable off the floor which made sense as well as being able to better organize the cables behind my system. ( and easier to clean around ) So are you saying that the ceramic in those elevators contain metals used in that process that has a measurable sonic affect on the cables / sound ? It would be a total pain in the rear to remove them now and see what happens ......I have seen the Gigiteck I think that's who they are for ohhhh $300 for three of them I think. They must know something we do not. Let me know what you found out as I would be interested.  Note : the wife would not be interested in toilet paper rolls in the living room.     
No, I didn’t say that. What I said was ceramic material itself is a resonator. I was opening that if someone did not have any luck with ceramic cable elevators it would perhaps be due to the uh, resonating. Besides solid objects do not (rpt not) really isolate the cable from floorborne vibration. That’s why I always recommend suspending cables and cords. You could suspend them from the ceiling or if you were feeling patriotic you could suspend them from a bunch of small Statues of Liberty with little rubber bands. 🏗 That way you kill two birds with one stone. 🦃 🦃

I tried rising my cables once.  I used "Concrete Chairs" found on the ground at a construction site.  The Chairs are designed to hold rebar above the ground during a concrete pour.  I didn't notice an appreciable difference in sound.