Best way to run in your Cable Elevators?

I am about to invest in some serious cable elevators. This is really high end stuff. I wont mention the brand or price but let's just say it is well north of $10k. Given the cost, I really want to burn them in using the best method possible. Your thoughts? Also, can you describe in detail your experiences of how the sound changed in your system as you ran your cable elevators in? One request-- let's keep it civil. No need to get into online fights over whose method will work best.
Burn in cable elevators? Please explain.
He's havin' a laff.

The earlier thread was funny in an Andy Kaufman sort of way. Now you're trying too hard.
I am pretty sure I have developed the best method for burning in my cable elevators. First I attach a small hook like the kind you use for hanging ornaments on the Christmas Tree. Then using an extra long telescoping pole I hang the cable elevators from power lines in my neighborhood. Birds sometimes leave a little residue on the cable elevators while they are hanging there, but that only helps to seal in the break in goodness. I recommend giving them a good 3 to 4 months for the full treatment and to accumulate enough seal material to help the break in last. I used to locate underground utilities and line up my cable elevators across the lawn above the power lines, but the neighbors dog was providing too much seal material, so I had to come up with a new method.

A psychiatrist can give the best answer to your question.
The diagnosis is somewhat similar to a Gambling Compulsive Disorder and it's treatable. The result of treatment is AMAZING! It removes thoughts of cable elevators, aftermarket fuses and other unnecessary expencive tweaks from audio-hobby leaving only an ability and desire to listen to music.

I DISCLAIM not to begin any fight or any kind of disrespect to the poster(s) and only try to help with mutually beneficial referrals to specialists, researchers, therapists AND health advocates dealing with this types of problem. Who I do wish to fight is manufacturers and marketting media that destroys multiple mindsets and mentalities by first depleting substantially their market and second bringing them to justice. To get more information about details of newly developing psychological experimental program, please drop me a note. I assure that patients will not be introduced to any experimental medication and only will go through the conversational and phsychotherapeutical procedures.
Wow, the original post is either a put-on or that member is seriously deluded. 10k for cable elevators? Yeah, right...

Mike 60,
If you're joking, it's embarassing. If you're serious, it's just sad.
Since it's the effects of gravity that are part of the issue, I take mine for a ride in a zero-gravity plane, I find 30-60 seconds of weightlessness is just about right.
Mine were only $7495, so the more expensive ones may require a different parabolic flight.
I believe OP is pretty serious about cable elevators and this isn't the only post. I believe he/she should seek medical attention.
I think that "someones" elevator doesn't go all the way to the top floor!
I was wondering when that one would come up (elevator not going all the way up).

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Without experimental medications, any treatment is useless.
Mt, it's only US mentality. There are many treatments without any experimental medications and effective.
Nice theory. It's experimental medications (although I like tried and true meds also) that make the difference in accepting the idea of cable elevator break-in plausible.
As Drrubin said, its a spoof or a troll. Take a look at his posts.
Must be getting boring ɹǝpun uʍop again.
Taken as such.
Strap them to your feet with duct tape and go,go,go, and on the way dump this stupid "subject" in the nearest receptacle.
The best cable elevators are 1 inch cuttings of toilet paper cardboard tubes....and you don't even have to burn them in.
As I've mentioned before it's about the paint and the color you chose bunch of knuckleheads
Big joke right Dude!!
Adidas, Reebok, maybe Nike. I prefer ASICS.
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This question makes as much sense as 99% of the other questions / comments concerning wire and cables. Show this man some respect.
When I need to run in elevator cables, I set the elevator to ascend and descend continuously, stopping at each floor along the way, for about three days straight.
When the "jokes" get this feeble, it's time to shut down the thread.