Cable elevators

Hi. Would anyone like to weigh in on cable elevators, and whether or not they believe there is any audible difference with those speaker cables off the floor?
Yes, absolutely --- in my system a very audible diference.
I made my own set out of wooden dowels and could not believe the difference.It was like someone lifted a heavy blanket off of my speakers,everything seemed to be much cleaner,clear,and brighter.
this thread has been done,i for one believe in them.Made differance i could hear,imho.I went from tall glasses to the cable elevators(ceramic)wow!
Yeah, they work! If you have a synthetic carpeted floor such as nylon, that is one large mass of poor dielectric. Lifting all cables off that surface will sharpen the focus, so to speak -- should be quite noticeable if you have a revealing system. If you have hardwood floors, I personally wouldn't bother.

I believe any elevator should be a natural substance, ie wood, ceramic, etc. Mapleshade has a very simple design that works well enough and isn't too expensive, so give it a try and let us know!
Sure would, Ask Dan at Dedicated Audio about his cable towers and the white paper to back them up. Ask how many thousands he has sold. Check out the great reviews on them.
You want the best, start there. Check out
I was a skeptic, but have found they make a shade of difference in the clarity I hear....not life-changing mind you, but an improvement nonetheless....I use the ceramics sold all over the place....
I use ceramic made a big difference on carpeted floor. Would hate to not have them in my system. When I see systems without them I think in my mind how much clarity is missing. Most dealers use them what does that tell you.
Amen walkelin!the differance from glasses to cable (ceramic)was not subtle for my system.corrected timber,bass definition,put more air of transperancy in system will never be without!
Save some money. Go to a Dollar Store, buy a package of clothes pins. Remove the springs and replace them with a rubber O ring. Place your wires between the top of the pins.
I agree with Walkelin, Digsmithd and others. Ceramic works best in my system.

The Mapleshade dowel/tripods were inexpensive but impractical for larger or heavier speaker cables. Others have used them effectively; I have to admit they were not easily setup here with my Shunyata powersnakes and AQ Volcano wire (could be user error...)

I'm using ceramic elevators from Precision Audio;

at $20/each, they are reasonable, look great and give a noticeable difference in sound buy getting my power and speaker cables off a rather nasty large dielectric (carpet)
Most folks think they make a difference on carpeted floors. I have pine floors, no carpet. Does anyone still think there is benefit to the cable elevators?
I don't have any knowledge in this area, perhaps others have good advice. Potentially though, if you don't use them and cables, powersnakes, etc....then are very close to each other, you could be impacted by EM field interference.

Using them as an elevation and separation mechanism might then be better than not.
Keeping the cables short enough so they dont touch the ground would be the best option right.
Absolutely,...that at least as I understand it is the goal. Many of us would love also to get to a place where we have the mono-blocks of sufficient quality near enough to each speaker on all channels to make that happen!
i made some by attaching (glue) a 2x2 square of ceramic tile to the bottom of a tea cup (one without handles) then attaching a chop stick holder on top of the tile. you rest the cable on top of the chop stick holder and since it is curved you can even use a rubber band to go across the holder to keep the cable in place.
I bought 6 cables elevators : i couldn't hear any differences.
It just convenient when you need to clean the floor... but nothing more :)
It is extremely important to keep the height even and avoid even the slightest sagging between elevators as this can lead to harmonic resonance. Someone explained to me that every quarter inch of sag leads to 1% harmonic distortion. Alternatively you can adjust the spacing between elevators so that none of the sags reinforce eachother (i.e. they are all at different frequencies) ;-)
I want to believe in these things, because it is a relatively cheap tweak. I did notice that there were just a handful of set ups at the recent audio show in NYC that used any kind of cable lifts, I mean like 2-4 out over 100 rooms. I found that more than interesting. But you know, for a couple of hundred bucks I am going to give it a try - they do look somewhat cool, and I'm pretty sure they can do no harm. Hope I'm blown away, but won't be too disappointed if I'm not.
Like a lot of things in high-end audio it depends on your system. If your cables are not shielded very well they will make a bigger difference. I had some Mapleshade speaker cables they made a big difference on, for example. My current set-up is very well shielded but during the winter, when static electricity sometimes builds up in my carpet, the elevators take away a layer of haze in the treble that is there when just laid on the floor. I also think it depends on how long your speaker cables are. Longer runs will need elevators more than small runs - after all speaker cables are nothing more than copper/silver wire wrapped in sometype of protector i.e. big antennas. So, I don't think cable elevators are hocus pocus but they may not be for everybody or be needed in every system.
For many this is just too far to go for realism. I have found that ceramics are imperative on every cable but only one per cable. To me this suggests that resonance is not the problem resolved but rather electrical charges. On my long 4 m. ics from line stage to amp, I use one of my tripods with an insulator on top.
I ordered a set of the cable towers from musicdirect and couldn't be happier- thanks for recommending them Valleyplastic. Although I haven't listened with and without them for comparison, they keep the wires in order. Happened to notice that Signal Cable sells a set of 8 for a great price, but I don't care for their looks compared to the Cable Towers. I'm in no way affiliated with musicdirect, cable towers, or signal cable.
I completely agree that elevating certain cables above carpet improves focus and dynamics.

Does that apply to well shielded cables with network boxes such as MIT and Transparent? Do you raise the network box as well?

Thoughts appreciated.