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Burson Integrated amps
I own one PP160.It's a very good amp, well balanced, transparent, very open and fast but not lean or edgy.I haven't heard a better amp at its price point but it should be associated with easy to drive speakers. 
Horning Agathons - a good match with quality SET?
I own one pair of Agathons.They are not what i would call an easy load, the 4 12 inch woofers may require more power that what your 300B can provide, depending of your listening tastes.I run them with 18 watts SET, 75 watts OTL, many SS amps, even... 
Hum noise in ModWright 36.5 230v unit
This is a know problem, it happens on old units if you got a wall voltage higher than 230.You should contact Dan, i think he has new transformers that solve this problem. 
Do all Class D amps lack soundstage depth?
Depth depends of the bass most of the time.Class D amps are know to have tight and fast bass, ry adding a subwoofer or moving your speakers and/or listening position to get more bass and you will get the depth back. 
Tube Options with Verity Tamino
They are not easy to drive speakers, they love power, they sounds very closed at low / medium listening levels... definitely not tube friendly imho.I never get them to sound right and after trying 10-12 differents amps i sold them. 
The focus and air lie
I don't think recordings are the main problem.The problem is that components cheats to give illusion that they extract every bit of data. The more they cheat the less they sound balanced and balance is the key imo.It's the most important quality. 
The focus and air lie
Learsfool : when i talk about "air" i mean the space between instruments sensation.I call "atmosphere" what you call "air"... just a problem of words. 
Just bought 2 pairs of ML no. 33 for my Pipedreams
Why would you need comments as you already bought them ? 
Preamp Synergy for GamuT amp
I will go for tubes, maybe a used ModWright or Herron.The GamuT amps are on the lean side and a bit bright.I had a Classe CP65 with my D200, it may also work depending on the speakers... mine were Talon Raven C : the D200 had not enough power for ... 
Hyperion HPS-938 speakers
I also own Hyperion monitors on my second system and they are definitely NOT bright, they even are on the dark side of neutral.They sounded bright right out of the box but after 40 or 50 hours of breakin everything sounded really fine.I also think... 
Tubes and light weight bass
I owned a pair of Usher 6311 and tested them with various amps : for me they are not an easy load and do not match well with tube amps.I achieved very good results with Nuforce amps / ModWright pre. 
Shootout: AMR CD-77 vs. AR CD7 vs. Wadia 581se
I think you can compare CD players or preamps in different systems and still get a good idea of how they sound.The only real synergy occurs between speakers and amps, but a good pre or a good CD player will sounds good everywhere.Thanks for your s... 
Spectron Musician 3 First Impressions?
Wlo98 : which speakers are you using ? 
Modwright LS-36.5 vs Hovland HP-100 / HP-200
I used some Raytheon JRP orange printing 5687 tubes, they were not lean at all, very nice tubes on voices.The HP100 is colored to my ears, everything sounds the same. 
Modwright LS-36.5 vs Hovland HP-100 / HP-200
I found the 9.0SE better than the HP100... so the 36.5...