Pierre Gabriel cables

I auditionned some unknown cables a few days ago at a friends place. Beautifull looking interconnects bearing the name "Pierre Gabriel" I was shocked at how good these were.They sounded like the very best out there ( and I heard many). Expensive I hear. I found his website at www.pierregabriel.com Can anyone tell me of any experience with these cables ?
Want to know about Pierre Gabriel cables? If you have good gear, they will be the best! Very revealing, they need the best components to really shine. Almost all my cables are Pierre Gabriel: Ic, speaker cables and digital. Yes, they are on the pricy side but if you want the best and get the most out of your system, you have got to try them.
Pierre really knows his stuff and is a joy to talk to. He is a music lover and his approach is rather unique.

UHF is using his MLl interconnects[$1150]. In fact, they liked them so much they're carring them in their store atwww.uhfmag.com. Drop Gerard at UHF an e-mail. He'll give you feedback. I, myself haven't heard them. But I do notice both UHF and myself used van den huls [carbons] for quite awhile....The Perre Gabriel speakers are supposed to be very good also.....good luck,
I have Pierre Gabriel's RCA interconnect ML-1 cable on my system. I have a Mark Levinson # 335 and # 390S for amplifier and CD player and Proac response 2.5 for speakers. The ML-1 is different from my old Cardas cable. It has a way to maintain the sound wave in the air as if it wanted to carry every bit of information into your ears. It is also easy to pinpoints each instrument into a wide stage. The sound is clear and without color it has no mask it is as it was recorded revealing details with subtlety. I am now pursuing the idea to add the PGS ML1 speaker cable to my system. Pierre Gabriel’s cable seems to be a very good investment. They are less expensive than Transparent reference XL for solid-state components (RXL SS). Are they better... I am not sure. But for a thousand dollars difference your pocker also has to reveal itself to your sences.
I looked at the web page.. they seem decent.. I did not notice if they do XLR configurations .. the web page only states RCA WBT ..??