Good component video cables....?

I'm looking for some good component video cables but I'm on a budget. I've got a 32" Cinema Series Toshiba and I'm considering a fairly inexpensive Toshiba SD 1700 DVD. I want to maximize color and clarity. Any ideas?
Get the Nordost S video cable. A bit
expensive but if you upgrade to a better
DVD unit or plasma TV(when they become affordable)
you will not have to buy another cable. I have a
Toshiba 35" Cinema Series and 6200 DVD and it works
great. If I get a plasma unit, the cable is still one
of the best available at any price.
best i've seen, and now own, are tara psc video rgb. many will tell you, the brand of component cable makes no difference. don't believe em'. FWIW, i use a pioneer elite 37 dvd into a loewe aconda. -kelly
Before you spend some bucks, first try this. I got really good results using good industry standard black Cable TV Coax cable and putting RCA adapters on the screw on plugs that go to your TV ($2 each from Radio Shack). This kind of cable is 75 Ohm and solid core. I've demo'd video cables up to $75 and none were better and many were worse. If you are like me and have left over cable TV coax cable your total investment is $4.
Harmonic Technology!
Monster M-1000 silver RGB. I am using it with my Barco projector. I don't like monster cables but this is the only exception. Excellent price too.