Best version of Moody Blues "Days of Future Passed

I want to pick up the best version of this album that is not super rare or ultra expensive. I have a copy on vinyl, probably from the early 70's, that isn't all that great. Is the new SACD version any good? I want either digital or vinyl, whichever is better.
My pick, if you can find it, is the MFSL vinyl copy. The SACD is OK I was really dispointed in the recent re-releases on SACD. But the original tapes were probably the weak link in the chain. It is a shame since the MBs had some great albums and were never recorded that well. Most of them were on 4 track tapes. Sa dtruth about many great albums from our past. Now we have great recodings but the music isn't as good as it was when I was younger. Dang there's that old fogie coming out again...
Thanks, I'll look for MFSL.
I second the MFSL. I believe they did a fine job on the mastering and pressing. I have seen it at local record shops, realtively reasonably price...around 15 bucks.
If you see one cheap let me know. I just googled it and I only found them for over $100.00
Fruff1976, look at used record stores, maybe even place a few calls, especially ones that don't advertise product on ebay. Most of the ebay rarer records are grossly overpriced. I picked up my mint copy of the MSFL at my local audio store, that also sells used records, last year for $40.00. It is the best copy of this album I have.
It may take some time but keep an eye out for an original 1967 US or UK pressing on Deram. If your patient you'll find one for less than an MFSL both of which smoke the MFSL.

I have all 3 and it's no contest.
I have both MFSL and SACD versions, as well as an older original pressing.
The SACD in my system is the better of the two. In fact 'In Search of the Lost Chord' and 'On the Threshold of a Dream' are much better in SACD than vinyl.Some of the others were so poorly produced than nothing can help them such as 'Question of Balance' and 'Every Good Boy Deserves Favor'.
So a distinctly different result.
I agree with Peterd.
A third vote for the SACD version --- haven' done direct comps but it sounds wonderful on my system (Linn, Vienna)
I have the multiple copies of the deram, mofi, and speakers corner lps, but in actually the new remastered hybrid CD, or the japanese mini lp cd are just as good, and actually, the orchestra pieces may be more dynamic. a great release.
I have the original cd version (German import), Mofi gold and SACD. Of the 3< I still prefer the Mofi slightly over the German pressing. I also have EGBDF, Long Distance Voyager and Octave on the 2008 cd remasters (imports from Germany)which I find to be excellent. Based on this, I believe that DOFP would be just as well recorded. You can get them at reasonable cost at Amazon. Amazon also has the original Deram vinyl used for resonable dollars.
I have the MFSL gold remaster cd that I bought new close to 15 years ago. I also just acquired the MFSL 1/2 speed master - original master recording for just $1 from a coworker. I like the album better than the remastered cd. Have not heard the SACD version.
If you are amenable to Ebay purchases three MFSL's are for sale for $40.00 and under.
I ordered a U.K. 1st pressing on ebay. We'll see how it sounds when it gets here.
1. LP MFSL UHQR TP, best I have heard. Not for sale.
2. LP Original UK 1st, pressing, close to above.
3. LP MFSL reg pressing, can be too hot.
4. LP Japanese pressing, lean on some tracks.
5. CD MFSL gold disk, very good but LP's better.
I do not believe a Mobile UHQR of "Days" was released.
I have found these 8 UHQRs made with a reported total of 5000 pressing each.
UHQR-1-005 - Crime of the Century - Supertramp
UHQR-1-017 - The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
UHQR-1-025 - Finger Paintings - Earl Klugh
UHQR-1-035 - Tea for the Tillerman - Cat Stevens
UHQR-1-084 - I, Robot - The Alan Parsons Project
UHQR-1-100 - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
UHQR-1-507 - Feste Romane - Maazel, Cleveland Symphony Orchestra
UHQR-1-510 - Holst: The Planets - Sir Georg Solti, London Philharmonic Orchestra

It is a test pressing as I stated with the TP and yes it was never released. It still sounds better than anything I have listen to to date. The UK release is second and so on. The UHQR is just a referance. I really enjoy the sound of the UHQR but play the UK release most. The UK pressing can be replaced and I have 2. The American release comes no where close to any of the others. IMHO.
I have a few MFSL's never released or very limited.
How do Hevac1,

Did this TP sell in the UHQR box? What other unreleased UHQRs might you have sold only as TP's? "Days" is one of my favorite lps...has been since it's release. The Mobile has been the best I have had the pleasure to own.
We should not hijack this thead, email to talk.

There is a MFSL Day's of Future Past for sale here on Audiogon the item # is 1267404733. They state NM condition. Thats a good price if it is NM.
Hevac1, Thanks for the heads up on the MFSL. I'm purchasing it along with the U.K. first pressing I found on ebay. I'll do a head to head when they both get here.
I picked up a copy, i believe it to be an original. It is on the Deram label, DES 18012. How do I determine if it is, in fact, an original or not?
I purchased it from a used cd store. It appeared to be "mint". I cleaned it on my VPI 17, and the results are astonishing! It appears to have never been played before.
All for a whopping $4.99!!!!!!!!!!!
Also picked up a copy of David Bromberg's first solo. Same condition, and results. It was $3.99
Amazing finds are out there. I love this "hobby"!
the original on deram is a mess...and the msfl isnt that much better...the cd remaster from the late 90s is quite good...
01-21-10: Phasecorrect
the original on deram is a mess

I too have gone through the same struggle to find the highest quality of my favourite albums. This one included.

I have to say that you can skip all of this by getting the HDtracks version at 24bit. If you have your computer set up to play audio at 24bit or higher going out to HDMI(for up to 192khz) or Optical (for up to 96khz).

SO I have a 24bit/96khz vinyl rip, I own the album.
I have the 24bit/192khz from HDtracks
and the SACD played though my Oppo.

All of these sound amazing. It is incredible that recording technology was this good in those days. Too bad so many great albums were recorded on inferior setups.

So, HDTracks high res digital versions if you have the setup.
If you don't then the SACD version is fabulous.
I have the album on vinyl only, but have both the Mofi and an original 1st pressing Deram from the UK, and the Deram is slightly better, but everyone's system, room, and hearing differs, so youre result may vary.
Unfortnately...the analogue master is a very muddy recording.....which is why many prefer the digital remasters