Ayre CX-7e CD player (not MP version) does not read DG label CD's (Deutschland Gramophone)

A friend told me his Ayre CX-7e CD player (not the MP version) does not read his CD's with the DG label (Deutschland Grammophon).  The Ayre plays all other CD's perfectly.  The strange thing is his $150 CD player played these CD's perfectly.  He sent the CD to Ayre who was able to duplicate the problem but did not provide a solution.  The number of DG CD's in his collection is 2 so this is not a crisis.  Of course, as expected, he happens to like these CD's very much.

Has anyone else experienced this DG label reading problem? Does anyone have any suggestions?  I am interested in hearing if anyone else has a similar problem with their Ayre CX-7e (or any other player) with reading CD's with the DG Label. 

I have had no problems with my Ayre C5xe mp reading any discs, including DG.

I asked the Tech Person at my dealer and he said the Ayre CX-7e CD player must read the disk perfectly before it starts playing it.   If the disk is damaged, in any way, the Ayre CX-7e will not read it.   When I asked about the $150 CD player playing the disk, he said that the $150 cd player will accept reading errors when processing the disk and adjust as necessary.  The Ayre CX-7e CD player must read the disk perfectly in order to play the music.  


I want to say that the "MP" update was supposed to fix certain in herent issues. Advise your friend to sit on Ayre until a solution is reached. A guy named Mike used to be the head of support/customer service. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!