Best recorded rock album.Amused to Death.R.Waters?

Tell me if there is a better recorded rock album than this.....if so, I want ot hear it. To me, simply remarkable! Yeah, it has weird lyrics..but what a recording and performance. "What God Wants Pt. 3" --amazing! How about something other than the typical "Audiophile-weiney" stuff. Whaddya think? This is better than "Wish You Were Here" or "The Wall" (recording wise -- and those are damned good -- IMFHO). Opinons..suggestions?
SEAL- Acoustic Album This is disc 2 of a 3 disc set called " Best/ 1991-2004" The first is the studio version of the hits, the last being a DVD with a 5.1 mix. I use the Acoustic Album as one of my 2 channel reference recordings. Warner Bros. 48882-2 silver cover. Also available without the DVD in the 2 disc offering which has a gold cover. I'm not arguing it's better than Amused To Death, just appreciate this quality recording, as well as the artist, and feel it qualifies for consideration.
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@ Jeffga , Great thread , And man you set the bar high!! The first cd that came to mind was " Robben Ford and the blue Line " Definitely rock Category ,, Dynamic sound with a wide & tall sound stage . Very good recording . Track #2 is my favorite . That is as close as I can come to Amused to Death..

@ Waveman , I will check out Seal . Thanks ..
Amused to Death is nowhere the album that Wish You Were Here is. This is more of Water's ramblings about his disatisfaction with his life and the world in general. Even Radio KAOS was more satisfying to my ears.

"What God wants, God gets"...yeah, well that may be true to some extent, Idon't know and you don't know, no one does and pure belief doesn't make it true, but some of us don't live our lives expecting waiting around for something to just happen because of where and when God wants it to. Personally, these lyrics plain suck and epitomize exactly what's wrong with much of the modern world. Waters was exactly what was wrong with Floyd after Animals, the last decent Floyd album. And no, except for Gilmour's numbers on The Wall, I can't stand that recording, so much Water's wanking. There I feel better.

I have Robben Ford and The Blue Line - Stretch Records/GRP STD-6004 20 Bit Super CD. This has fabulous sound. Is that the one you meant?

"Amused to Death" has the funky QSound to appeal to your senses. Not sure about it now, though I thrashed the hell out of it way back when. And well recorded it is. But while I'm not so down on it as Stevecham, it's not what I'd reach for.

I think I'll go with Santana "Caravanserai" on JSACD. Here are moments of truly sublime rock music, pushing the boundaries, and a sound to die for.

I try not to let lyrics concern me therefore I think The Final Cut is great and sounds mighty good on vinyl. I don't have the CD.

Caravanserai is great on CD. I haven't heard the SACD. But would love to.

Fade into Light on DVDA by Boz Scaggs is mighty fine sounding.

Elton John/Elton John on the UNI label is killer on vinyl.

Up/Peter Gabriel SACD is great and even better in surround.

Mudcrutch on vinyl sounds great and comes with an uncompressed CD.

Must'nt forget Life on a String by Laurie Anderson on CD.

There's way too many to list.
I forgot about the Seal recording..that is very good. Again, my point is not whether Amused to Death has a great story or such, simply that it is a remarkable recording (although I do like 70% of the tracks). I personally think Roger has some major issues..including hating the USA. I saw him in Denver this year and he actually equates G. Bush to Bin Laden (puts it up on the screen)..that pissed me off and not that I am a fan of GWB. I am sure that he has no problem taking $100+ for each ticket from US citizens. Also, I very much prefer Wish You Were Here, The Wall, and DSOM for the music content. I am also not strictly referring to the Q-Sound effect, although it is kinda cool. Thanks to all for the feedback.
If you are a PF fan you should get the D. Gilmour album On An Island. It's quite good. And check out the DVD Remember That Night. It's a two disc set and is also available on Blu-Ray with high quality sound. The DVD videos sound great. R. Waters makes a cameo on the bonus disc as well as N. Mason. They don't play. But there are some great ones that do including Rick Wright and Phil Manzanera.
Another tip for "Life On A String," especially if your cdp decodes HDCD. The sound is phenomenal. The bass on track 6 will give your woofers a workout.
As for "Amused To Death," I never thought of it as well recorded because of the Q sound. I love it but thought of it as trickery. Artistically, FANTASTIC!
Life on a String is great and the bass is tremendous. But, the bass note on Echoes from Remember That Night will knock you out of your seat. It is quite a surprise.
A handfull of favorites...

Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
Jeff Buckley - Grace
Porcupine Tree - In Absentia
The Police - Synchronicity
Also try Dire Straits - 'Communique', 'On Every Street'. Make sure you get the remastered versions.
I think some of Peter Gabriel's CDs are well recorded - try 'Shaking the Tree' to start.
Some will disagree, but INXS has some amazingly recorded tracks - try 'The Years 1979 - 1997'
The "Amused to Death" Gold 20 bit Super Bit Mapping CD is even better than the normal CD, if you can find it.
I also forgot to add a couple of other "classics" which were fabulous on LP and still very good on later CD versions.....Supertramp - Crime of Century & Even in the Quietest Moments. Dire Straits - Love over Gold (particularly Telegraph Road, Private Investigations, and Love Over Gold tracks). Also Chris Rea -- Road to Hell and Auberge. Also Robbie Robertson's first solo album is very good. I also thought Peter Gabriel "So" CD was quite good. However, I still stand by my assertion that Amused to Death is the best recording. I also agree with Everest_Audio that the SBM version is the best...How about starting a "Best Live Recording" .. my vote is Neil Young at Massey Hall or Rod Stewart Unplugged.
How about starting a "Best Live Recording" .. my vote is Neil Young at Massey Hall or Rod Stewart Unplugged.
You may like this thread.
So, since after Waters left Floyd the other 'members' have been milking the old songs, for years, and yearzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Lots of great suggestions. My suggestion would be

ACDC - Back in Black - a really solid punchy rock sound.

FWIW - there seems to be a common thread among many of the suggestions, so far - Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), Pink Floyd, Police, Peter Gabriel, INXS, ACDC, David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Tom Petty (Mudcrutch) - they all used the same speakers.
Lateralus by Tool
Not saying it is the best rock recording but if you haven't heard it on your system you need to asap.
Any Rammstein.
Rage Against the Machine- First Album
Supertramp- Breakfast In America.
Back in Black- can lift the roof especially 'you shook me all night long'......

My oh my Bose speakers are popular with artists'.lol
If you are into the heavier stuff, Megadeth's 'Countdown to Extinction' was just given the MOFI treatment and sounds pretty good. And the three most recent Tool ablums are all exceptionally recorded (10,000 Days, Lateralus, Aenema). Lastly, early 80's Rush albums were well produced by Terry Brown (Moving Pictures, Permanent Waves are best, with the later having a recent MOFI treatment).
Midnight Oil Earth and Sun and Moon
Chris Issak Baja Sessions
Willie Nelson Teatro
Paul Kelly May 1992
Steve Earle Transcendental Blues
The Beatles Revolver
I will agree that Amused To Death is an excellently recorded album. The vinyl release is quite simply THE best sounding vinyl I've ever heard. Seems many people agree, since even used original issues (not the later questionable 180gram release) fetch hundreds of dollars on ebay. Bought mine new when it was first released and I also have a sealed copy I keep for investment sake.
Well...OK, I am going to listen to ATD again this evening and see if I can't finally "get it."
Listen to the music and forget the lyrics Steve. Gawd, I believe the other members of PF have done quite well on their own. R Waters may have written some great PF music but D Gilmour wrote some of the best ones also as well as Rick Wright and Nick Mason.
Don't have Amused to Death but Pros and Cons is also very good sounding. This morning just listened to Eric Clapton Unplugged German import and Hall&Oates Abandoned Luncheonette, both excellent recordings as well.
Big Gilmour fan, have all his solo efforts, have to find Wright's and Mason's work.
I think the Fleetwood Mac Rumours album produced mostly by Lindsey Buckingham sounds fantastic. One rarely sees an artist who is able exercise such restraint - especially a guitarist.
Rwwear- they may have done well on their own, but to me they all fall well short of what Waters has done. They need him more than he needs them. To me he was Mr Floyd.
Most of the most beloved PF songs are group efforts and a lot were written by D Gilmour whom has top billing on such pieces as Comfortably Numb, Wish You Were Here, Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Echoes and One of These Days just to name a few. I don't discount what Waters has done but he is the one that broke up the band and the one who is clamoring most to get back with the others.
Sadly, it's too late now. Does anyone know if there is a DVD recording of the event they all played at in 2005 (Hyde Park?) I would love to see that if even for the short set.
Are you talking about the Live 8 show? If so, yes. But it is a rather poor performance. Roger is not much of a vocalist anymore.
Depeche Mode: Songs of Faith & Devotion as well as Playing the Angel. Both sound outstanding to me.
The Beatles "Abby Road" The last and best from the greatest rock band.

Also check out "Let It Be, Naked" you can hear the pick hit the string! On both albums focus on Ringo's drums. A very underrated musician.
I would have to say that the rodger waters cd is pretty cool. I get a bit of a dark feeling when i listen to it though. Just so much going on behind your head that i get an uneasy feeling. Almost like its some kinda satanic thing. I have listened to it since i recieved it 2 days ago. I dont honestly think alot of "audiophiles" like those kinda recordings real well. I got money that says it has almost the same effects on my garage system thats worth about 50bux. Is this recording "halographic" i dont really know the lingo really well but if i were going to put a meaning of holographic i would think the amused to death cd would be it. cheers Kevin
Pyramid by Alan Parson's is a very high quality recording.
"Moving Waves" by Focus is another exceptional rock recording with considerable classical influences.

Newer CD re-masters of "In the Court of the Crimson King" are very good also.

The original recording is not as perfect as some others but "Terrapin Station" by the Grateful Dead cranked loudly in a larger room with a system with balls is an awesome listen.