"Amused To Death" 2015

I pre-ordered my copy on Feb 2013. Finally arrived. I don't own the original. What do other, more experienced, (to this lp) listeners think?
I was eyeing it at my local indie record store this week, but balked at the picture disk format wrapped in rudimentary clear poly. Looking forward to others' opinions before jumping in. I have the 1991 SBM gold-disc version of this. Maybe the LP reissue is an improvement, but not sure if I care too much about pushing on with another spin of Water's somewhat dated militant pacifisms and Q-sound doodles.
I too ordered the album about two years or more ago, finally got it early this week. It is one of my all time favorite albums.

Albert Porters System

Albert and I shared our opinion of the Album in above posts, hope the link takes you to the end of the very long thread about Alberts magnificent system .

Good Listening

Got mine from Acoustic sounds. It is excellent. It has new myerial and the vinyl is really good. Recommended
Dgarretson, the picture disc version is NOT The Analogue Productions audiophile release.
Received the new release and its ok.
Lucky to have the original 92 dutch pressing.
Dynamics are much better on the original.
I've listened to it over and over. I've since purchased a new VPI Classic 3 Sig. SE. I still find it somewhat dry and slightly disappointing. I think the choice of the female vocalist, is a turn off as well. While the production value is tops, I enjoy listening to  "The Wall", or "Radio KAOS", or "The Final Cut" much more. I guess it's a personal choice.
Nice! slaw-
I do not own a previous copy, either? I would like to know how well does the SACD sound?

For the older copy- how well does the Sony SBM gold CD sound?
Since my last post here, I've made some subtle but substantially sonic improvements in my playback system. Enough so, that I feel obliged to make known these findings.

As I noted previously, while this lp is a masterwork of production, I feel it falls flat somehow. I no longer hear the dryness in sonic terms as I said earlier. I do think I can transfer the word "dry" to another element of this effort.

I feel that it's much like watching a Hollywood "remake" of a beloved film. And as we know, these rarely turn out quite as good as the original. The other three lps I referenced, are in most ways, fresh and new.  This valiant effort, to me, seems like I've "been there done that" once before. So, in this respect, I really don't enjoy this lp enough to sit through it to it's completion, without my mind wondering about what I'm going to put on next.

There, I said it.
I have an early pressing, which I need to dig out to check  it's vintage on Discogs. I'm not a Waters fan in general. I'm more of a Gilmour fan, although I certainly prefer Floyd with Waters. I was always very picky, and never would buy used if it wasn't NM or very close. I'm confident this is worth a good buck, not sure why I'm sitting on it. I think it's something I tend to do, because my tastes tend to evolve as I get older. I do enjoy David's solo debut LP very much.