WTD - 3D Sound like Amused To Death By R Waters

This CD is stunning, I sit 6-7 feet from my Audiophile Speakers ( MTS Preludes )
Track 1 The sounds of a Dog barking comes forward along the right wall about where I'm sitting 6-7 feet forward,( ear height) on my left the same miraculus sound of the radio conversation, and so on, CD. Incredible soundstage, GREAT CD. If you know of any other Audiophile Cd that has this special sound effects, could you please post them along with its label and cd number.
Roger Waters Columbia Sony 468761 2

Thank you
The technology is called Qsound, from a Canadian company specializing in 3D sound effects. For more info and a list of artists click here.
as i recall, The Final Cut also featured this 3-D technique...
Peter, if you want to really enjoy ATD, get the vinyl 2 LP set. The CD absolutely pales in comparison.
I think I also have the Sting recorded in Q-Sound as well.
I really laughed when I saw they recorded Wilson Phillips in Q-Sound. What a waste of time! (Apologies to all the audiophile W-P fans) :-)

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Proy, I hope that you have the Gold Columbia Mastersound disc with Sony's Super Bit Mapping! Another great Gold disc is DCC's "The Summit". The late Frank, Dean, and Sammy [last names not needed!] recorded live. Although not 3D like "Amused", it shows what simple 3 microphone field placement (I assume) and using tube equipment can do for spatiality and movement on stage. There are a few very minor glitches on the master tape, but when you consider that this performance was recorded over 40 years ago (jeez, has it REALLY been that long!) and it has a life and airiness seldom heard on many of today's multi-miked, multi-tracked, solid-state digitally remixed "live" recordings, it is truly a wondrous gem!
Egoss, "Amused" on vinyl will cost $100+ used (and who knows how "used") and $200- to $300- new and sealed! Also, it is a two LP set, meaning that you will have to jump up 3 times to hear the music in its entirety. My personal belief is that this album should be listened to uninterrupted for maximum pleasure. Just my opinion...and, according to the old saying, you know what body part opinions are like! The Gold Columbia Mastersound with SBM is far superior to the regular pressed CD.
Fatparrot is right. I totally forgot the ridiculous price for the LPs, since I got mine for $34 when they first came out. And, I do agree that it should be listened to straight through for max enjoyment. BUT, Roger did plan the side breaks so they actually fade out and into one another - making the flippin' less bothersome. Thanks Roger!
But you're not really hearing the whole thing on the CD, and I have 3 different versions on CD - including the SBM Gold Columbia. For instance, when the Genie speaks, the CD version is pitiful in reproducing the complex echos of the multi-tracking. Also, the left-channel voices (especially Bill Hubbard at the very end) are at least 3 feet farther out away from my speakers than on the CD. And the background "splash" in the "It's A Miracle" track sounds like it's someone in your own pool on the vinyl. I made myself a copy of the LP onto CD (from my Linn onto a Tascam CD Recorder) and it sounds far superior even to the Gold commercial CD.

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WOW, OVER 100 hits in 24 hours . I can't believe I didn't know about this Q sound, a few things , Other than E-bay where can I buy the Sony Gold versions or DCC ? I don't know what that stands for. I did get Stings and Anybody out there Pink Floyd 2002 release yesterday. Also I noticed that most of these recordings were around 1991/92 why hasn't this technology taken off ?

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As I recall Maddona's Imaculate collection was also done in Q sound. Not posative on this anyone know for sure?