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Accuphase dac 60
We have the DAC-60 installed in a E-280 in one of our demo systems. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with the DAC-60. It is very well balanced and a great value. You get a lot of sound quality for the money by not paying for a chassis, etc. Plus,... 
Can recommend some non-fatigue SMALL bookshelf for near-field listening?
I think the Acoustic Energy AE500 would be a great choice for your requirements.   
Ayre ex-8 2.0 vs Bel Canto e1x
On Michael Lavorgna's Twittering Machines review of the Bel Canto e1X, he compares it against the Ayre. He did not find them remarkably different, but offers some insight between the two.https://twitteringmachines.com/review-bel-canto-e1x-integrat... 
Integrated amp with tape out sub out
Hegel has been a rock solid brand for us. I can totally understand not being able to listen to them though.  
Integrated amp with tape out sub out
The three top Hegel integrated amps, the H190, H390 and H590 all have both fixed and variable analogue outputs. A lot of people like Hegel with the KEF LS50. 
Why dont more standalone DACs come with ethernet???
There are definitely getting to be more available. Bel Canto e1X and Black EX DACs both have Ethernet input. Disclosure: we're a Canadian Bel Canto dealer.Gold Note is another and there are more as well. But, still not very common at all. 
Hegel H390 vs Krell Vanguard digital integrates amps
There was a review by HifiCritic pitting the H390 against the Krell K-300i and the Mark Levinson 5805. Both are much more expensive than the Hegel, but in the review the Hegel easily came out on top. Disclosure: we're a Canadian Hegel dealer and I... 
Phono preamp worth it with MM cartridges?
A good phono preamp will definitely be worthwhile for MM cartridges as well. The best we've heard in the under $2K price point is the Vertere PHONO-1 MkII. 
Best Location for Best Cable
We subscribe to a top-down philosophy, so typically higher in the signal path provides more improvement. In this scenario, I'd go for the better cable from your source to preamp.  
Best debut album
Tord Gustavsen Trio - Changing PlacesEven though it wasn't that long ago in 2003, it inspired a lot of incredible Norwegian jazz that followed it.Tracy Chapman - self titled album. Not just "Fast Car", but a great album across the board. 
Bel Canto DAC2.5 with Apple TV 4K
Bel Canto products have always worked well with Logitech Harmony remotes. 
Salk bookshelf or Dynaudio bookshelf? Or something else?
Thanks for the extra information. Unfortunately, I'm not up on vintage speakers, so I'm unable to offer an opinion on either of those speakers. 
Salk bookshelf or Dynaudio bookshelf? Or something else?
What are your current speakers? Perhaps they're fine. The Adcom components won't do the Dynaudio speakers justice. In my opinion, unless your current speakers are really hurting, I'd upgrade to a quality integrated amp versus the old Adcom separates. 
Floor protection from spikes
For a very reasonable price, we really like Soundcare Superspikes. They're a threaded spike with self contained footer. A really durable felt goes underneath the footer which makes it very easy to slide and reposition your speakers while keeping y... 
Bel Canto ref500 question
The REF500M monos are a step up from the REF500S stereo amp, but it has been a long time since I've compared the two that I can't fully recall the differences.