best inexpensive tube integrated

I just bought a pair of klipsch heresy speakers in mint condition for a bargin. Ive always wanted to experiment with tube amplification and I think now is the time. I know very little about them(tubes) and want to try them out at a minimum of expense. I paid 350 for the speakers and therefore would like to keep my budget below 700 for a tube integrated. I am not against used equipment. Is it worth a try or is my budget too low to jump into tubes? suggestions please!
At that price point most likely you will need to go used. There are some very nice Asian products. Tube rolling is critical. Contact He may also have a nice amp for you in that price range.
looked for a used cayin, great sound with klipsch, great value. Since you do not need much power the 50's should work at well.
Buy a vintage used amp,on here or ebay.Look for one with el 84 tubes in it.The little almarro miight work will with your spk's also.It is a great little amp.KP
Used Cayin, Jolida, or Primaluna will serve you nicely. I particularly like the Jolida 302 - you can sometimes even find the newer version w/ remote control in your price range.
A wonderful choice would be an Eico HF-81. It might run a little more than $700, but it achieves a magic that latter-day tube integrateds don't quite match.
Gotta give a Consonance M100Plus a try. Killer for the money. For nicer build and looks, the Cayin T30 is really good but doesn't quite have the resolution of the M100. I had a Jolida 202 for a while and thought it was barely OK in comparison.

If you like the magic of EL84 tubes (6BQ5) the little Jolida 102B integrated is great and can be found used occasionally here on Audigon for $350-$450.
If you don't know tubes, I'm against vintage for you. Too much tweaking and maintenance. You easily can find a Jolida in that range. All you need is 8 watts per channel with Klipsch. 40 watts will make them scream. Another solution is a pre and power combo with the pre being tubed? I know of an AR SP2C and PSE studio IV (class A) that you could get in your price range?
You may want to consider another approach. I have a Sophia Electric KT and picked up a KingRex T20 and Power unit as a back up. Can be had new for under $600 new. Audiomagus is great to deal with and I think they offer a 30 home trial.
Just a thought. Great review on 6moons. To my ears it sounds pretty amajing.
Consonance Ella
I would look for something:
newish but used
that self-biases so you won't have to mess with the tubes
that uses KT-88 output tubes with Klipsch

I've done the EL34 & EL84 route and I think the Heresy is a little bass-shy so the KT-88 would be my first choice for more robust bass.
For $700 you might want to even consider looking at a cheaper integrated that might use 34's or 84's and think about adding a small $300 sub into the mix. Just be sure the integrated has either a sub out or 2 outs.
Visit and look under the demo and used items. Sometimes there are some great deals there on primaluna and others that were acquired in trades, etc.
Try Glow amp one.I bought one they sell for $488 brand new! 5 watts of pentode tube,alps,go to Glow amps and you will find it,30 day money back ,Nick
Hi Zeekzaak, Go to the Decware forum and read about the Taboo. It is a 6watt single ended pentode (SEP) that should be fine with your Klipsh. You can find used ones for about 500.00-600.00 give or take. An incredible little amp!
Hello all,
I've been looking for an integrated tube amp and just heard of the Almarro a318...was leaning towards the Pathos Classic.
I own Audio Physic Spark speakers/ Musical Fidelity A5 cdp and like classical , vocals and Jazz.
Any feedback is appreciated.
also, where can one have a listen to the Almarro?
I have had my Primaluna PL2 for about a year and it is wonderful and easy to listen to. I ran with KT88's for about 8-9 months but just switched to EL34's. The nice thing about this amp is its can take a lot of different tubes and it is auto bias. There are a few used ones on here for around $900.
I just heard an amazing dual mono integrated earlier this week called the Jas Array 2.1 that blew me away. It uses two 805s, two 300Bs four 6922s and 12AX7 or 5687 all on a big open steel chassis. Weighs in at ~ 100 lbs. It might not fit in this thread since it MSRPs at $3500, but quite an integrated. I think about 40-45 watts per side if I remember correctly but it was driving some medium effeciency dynamic speakers ( as well as some compression horns) with ease. Very big open effortless sound.
I'd suggest looking at Melody amps if you can find them, I have the I34 or Astro 40 which would be too much but I don't know the price of the SP3 or SP9 over there.

My main point though would be to listen to a couple of tube amps. I listened and found that I preferred tube amps with EL34 tubes over KT88 tubes. You have to satisfy your own ears so have a listen and look for an amp with a sound you like.

Good Luck.

this is awesome help!
I now am looking at Tektron pre-amp with Prima Luna prologue 6 mono amps...
have been offered a deal - sooo,
we'll see if I can get my funds together in time.
Thanks again for all the suggestions.
I think the addiction to all of this goes beyond the equipment.
Everyone is so GREAT!
The Almarro 205 MkI or MkII would fit the bill. It is a fantastic amp.