Berkeley Dac 2 or PS audio DSD or Schiit Yggs?

Hi all,

I am debating Berkeley Dac 2 or PS audio DSD or Schiit Yggs? 
i have tube amp (Line Magnetic 219ia)
i am inclined to Schiit yggs based on reviews ..
i have no experience with any of these dacs..
please share your experience if you happened to listen all of these and your personal opinion..
thank you all.
PS Audio DSD is incredible.  I had Esoteric Player and it blew it away!

Paired with a MacMini music server, you won't touch it for any price.

Check out Paul's blog on PS Audio for instructions on how to configure.

Sundaram/8: own the PS Audio DSD ! Combined with their transport, incredible reproduction! Running both through a krell foundation 4K processor to a A51 halo parasound amp! However, my understanding from PS Audio tech. Conversations on phone is they like to compare themselves to Berkley!!!
Im sorry I have no knowledge of your favorite pick! Do know this! Tube DACS tend to give more warmth to digital coldness!!'
Berkeley Dac 2 or PS audio DSD or Schiit Yggs?

Sundram hi,  if you are using Redbook CD(pcm) or downloading PCM then you can't go passed the Yggs as it is r2r multibit and able to convert pcm "bit perfect" compared to the other two which give a facsimile of it as they are Delta Sigma.

MoJo music

"When a PCM file is played on a DSD or Bit Stream converter, the DAC chip has to convert the PCM to DSD in real time. This is one of the major reasons people claim DSD sounds better than PCM, when in fact, it is just that the chip in most modern single-bit DACs do a poor job of decoding PCM."

But if you plan to do DSD downloading then you have to go for the PS or Berkeley.

Cheers George

I am biased toward the Schiit. I own the Bifrost Multibit and can attest to its' musicality.
Thank you all for the feedback..
I also read about MSB analog dac and Bricasti but out for my reach.. 

Going to pull the trigger on schiit yaggs.
Stock Gustard X20U ($869 delivered) has beaten the $2300 Yggy three different times (and this is playing PCM versus PCM!!!!).  The Gustard with $425 worth of mods takes it to another whole level.  The Yggy cannot do DSD!  Upsampling PCM to high speed DSD using HQplayer results in serious, serious sound (rivaling analog)....way better than listening without the upsampling.   Not possible at all with less good sounding Yggy.  The Yggy is so yesterday.
I've listened to Shiits and Berkeley's.  I ended up with an AR DAC 8. 

The Shiit was closest to the DAC 8.  I heard the Berkeley's a couple of times and I personally find them a bit cool in tone, so not to my personal preference. The Shiit and AR are warm with tons of air and detail. 


Depends if you need DSD. If you don't the AudioGD Master7 is better then those you have named. I have heard the others and the Master7 is simply the best. I like it better then a DC stack. It will do up to 24/192
I have enjoyed a PS Audio DirectStream DAC for about 18 months now and it still puts a grin on my face!

Yes, it does do DSD, but the sound quality from "regular old fashioned" 44.1/16bit PCM is just awesome!

Another thing I really like about the PS Audio products is that they publish firmware updates which are easy to download and apply, which improve the performance of their products.

I see that they have introduced a "DirectStream Junior", which they say is about 85% of the "DirectStream".


A very good article for you to read seeing you about to pull the trigger on one, by JD and interview with Mike Moffat of Schitt Audio about Redbook (pcm) replay and R2R Multibit dac conversion.

Cheers George

PS Audio is the schiit IMO.
Torries, The latest firmwear from ps audio lowers distortion in a way I’ve never heard before . I do sell their gear so obviously I like what they are doing. They keep redefining what’s possible for digital and updates are free thanks to the fpga instead of an off the shelf chipset.

screw MQA btw as they've decided to lock out using our own dacs.
A decade ago MQA had some benefit to us. Braodband and disk space is so cheap right now, there's no longer any benefit at all to the end user. It's like HDCP built into HDMI. That they want me to pay extra for it is insult to injury. 


We're off topic but I will make a new post about it
well.. i ordered the yaggs!

but very interestingly i found something about my current DAC which i am thrilled about.

while reading about yaggs and its reviews, many stated to leave the DAC turned on for weeks for burn in and to attain peak performance.
Currently i am using Bel Canto c5i as DAC only feeding my LM 219ia tube amp. I usually turn it off after my listening and next day i turn it on back.. after i read about yaggy reviews, i wanted to try keep it on and see how this DAC performs .. for the first 3-4 days i found some improvements but i told myself that it could be just illusion.. but a week later now, i suddenly hear lot of nuances to music.. i am really surprised and its for real, I am hearing micro details and it adds vibrancy to the music.. i am really thrilled.

does it mean i leave all components turned on for ever? i certainly cannot do it to my tube amp (i dont know what will happen) but this is really very interesting

also, my current setup is now sounding so good i am really confused about do i really need yaggy at all? i mean will it really add so much more and i have no idea what that so much more can be??

i am very thrilled and confused..

If it's SS: leave it on.
The digital circuitry needs to reach thermal equilibrium and that is best done by leaving the DAC on.

The main difference is not from the electronic amplification stages as much as it is from the digital circuitry working optimally.

That’s why - even more than preamps & amps - DACs need to have been on for a while to experience their potential.

And it's why you should never allow a dealer or anyone selling a DAC to power it up and play it shortly after you have arrived.  It needs to have been powered up (and processing a signal if possible) for a minimum of 8 hours, IMO.

No manufacturer I know calibrates and adjusts their product/s after a days of being turned on, they all do it at most after one maybe two hours, some even do it cold.

So if things change sound wise after many hours/days of being left on then, they are also not staying in calibration//adjustment that the manufacture did on them in the first place.

Cheers George   

Audio Research recommends 400 hours of break in time per input on the DAC 8, so I'm not sure if that's true.  Do they QA their products after this? Heck no.