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Auditioned Magico A3 - VERY DARK...
Heard the Magcos with a Rowland Integrated. Just sensational sounding. I like planers but these are the best cone based speakers I have ever heard. Certainly not dark. Can't imagine them not sounding good with the Vac ampsAlan 
authentic space recordings
Diana Krall-Live in Paris 
Who said “ flat freq response “ is the best?
Recording engineers don't record anything flatfirst there are really no flat microphonesActually we use our ears to get the overall sound we preferIt is never flat. Our control rooms were rolled off top and bottom forcing the engineers to boost ba... 
What is the most important component in your system.
My Maggie 3.6'sSpeakers contribute 70% of the sound you here. Maybe moreAlan 
Tidal - similar artists
Tidal in the last month completely changed there layout. It will take some time to get used to it. It is not a small change but a total changeAlan 
Tidal - similar artists
Still thereIt is called related artists. Just scroll downAlan 
Shindo Masseto + Coincident Frankenstein versus Nagra 300i integrated
When I got my Shindo Auriges which is there cheapest preamp it was a shock how much the improvement in sound over my Sonic Euphoria passive. Just about the best purchase I ever madeAlan 
Come on people....BASS!
Remember there are people on this site from other countries. There english spelling isn't always perfect. Neither is mine and I am AmericanAlan 
What should my next upgrade be? Your best experience
Changing speakers will make the greatest change in the sound of your system but you need to find a pair of speakers that really knock you out.Since you don't mention a budget it is very hard to recommend anything to you. I personally love Magnepan... 
Should I buy SACD's or Buy Quality Multi-Format CD player and use Old Digital CD's?
I have never found sacd's to sound better than redbook, and I have a Sony 5400ES. 99% of the time I stream from Tidal, the sound is great with over a million albums. and lots of MQA files, over 3000. They only list 500 but there are way moreAlan 
Searching for the most "accurate" speaker (below 15K)
I always wonder what is meant by accuracy. Accurate to what? I am a recording engineer. Do you want it to sound what it sounds like in the control room. Remember the control room doesn't sound what it sounds like in the studio. Accurate to the sou... 
Speakers are the first piece of the puzzle
I have always said that speakers contribute 70% of the sound of the system. If you don't like the basic sound of a speaker there is nothing you can do to substantially change it. I have put together at least 25 systems for friends in my life. It h... 
Most transparent power amp
The David Berning amps are very good. Of course transparency is defined in many waysAlan 
Speaker cable length with monoblock amps?
Someday you will replace your monoblocks with a stereo amp and your cables will have to be replaced. Alan 
Measurements - Clearly Explained
I would like to add that measurements and amplifier measurement tools are needed to design amplifiers. They are not needed for buying amplifiers, since they tell you nothing how an amp will sound. Remember, most amplifier designers do the final vo...