Cambridge Audio 840c DAC

Is anyone using the outboad DAC of the Cambridge Audio 840c with a digital transport? how does it compare to its CD playback?
I have an 840c, and the same question occurred to me!
I will be experimenting on my 1st day off.
Here is the proposed signal chain.
Computer w/spdif out. No special soundcard, unless this works out.
Winamp, the freebie version recording and playing back as FLAC........

So far, so good with the Cambridge, though i have been 'dissed' by the Rega Apollo crowd.

You can PM me and we can swap lies. Give me a week or so to figure this out.....maybe longer. On the table are the quality of my D/D conversion in the computer and any special cabling needs.
I understand the coaxial is 75 ohms, but I have not heard of a 75 ohm RCA connector, if such exists.

Stay in touch................
How's this experiment going? I am thinking of getting the 840c to use as a CD and a DAC for my SB duet.
I have a sonos system on delivery and will be testing shortly I will give you an update on the DAC. I am very pleased with the cd playback it has a very smooth yet detailed sound. I have also used the cd player in my last system with a Vincent Audio Sp-331 amplifier, Revel F-32 Performa speakers and Parasound New Classic 2100 preamp. It also performed well in that system and, as you see the Cambridge cd player is the only component that I held on to. I also have owned the Cambridge Audio 640v2 cd player. Great value but is no comparison to the 840c.
I am using the 840c with my squeezebox duet. It sounds great. With lossless files I think it goes head to head with the 840c as a cd player.

Now if I can only get the duet to stop being so flaky. Great when it works (about 75% of the time) but I am always having networking problems with it.
Wendellkb, is your PC hookup to internet hardwired? That may be the culprit.
you should consider cambridge audio's magicdac
I could not find a Cambridge Magic DAC on the companies website. Is it a new product?
Yes Beerad, it's supposedly coming out in October.
Wow! That DAC looks like a GREAT bargain.
I did see the DAC upon further looking. Looks interesting

Thanks for the info

I'm contemplating doing what you're doing--Sonos from a NAS streaming lossless into the dac input on an 840C. Could I ask what your thoughts are regarding the sound quality vs. the 840C playing CDs?
Thanks, and nice sys!

I am currently using Apple lossless files with Sonos system with a direct digital coax into 840C. I have done many A/B comparisons and have only noticed difference between files with a lower rate 192khz. If you are happy with the 840c sound as a cd player you will be pleased at its ability as a stand alone DAC. With all the great reviews and versatility of this player its surprising more people are not taking advantage of this player as a dac. Have fun with the sonos its allowed me to listen too stuff that I hadnt dusted off in years.
I just hooked up the Wadia 170 Ipod dock to my 840C, and it sounds incredible. I am actually a bit shocked how good the Ipod sounds as a transport.
Don't know if you guys have already seen the articles, but I intentionally paired the Cambridge Azur 840C player with the Sonos Digital Music System for the express purposes which are being discussed here. The Cambrdidge review was published on a short while back, and the Sonos review was just put up this month.

The Azur works will with a variety of sources. Cambridge's new DAC, though I have not heard, looks to be another good solution.
Thanks all; Douglas, do you prefer digital from the M24 as opposed to the 840C?


Kristian, good question! I find the M24 a bit richer tonally, as might be expected a more "tube-like" sound considering it's a tube DAC! That is one reason I keep using it, to get the tube element in the digital chain.

Both are superb results; the Cambridge internal DAC is more like the classic SS sound, and the M24 puts a tube flavor to it.

I often send the upsampled digital output of the Azur into the M24. Very nice combo. Sonos is usually run through the M24.

For Redbook playback I teeter between the "Direct" output of the Azur and its "Upsampled" output; the former is more clean, but the latter is a touch more nuanced.

Tube lovers would likely enjoy the Monarcy; SS lovers will gravitate toward the Azur 840C's internal DAC.

Possibly a good "test" for those considering purchase:

If you think that tube sound in the bass is "tubby" and the entire presentation unrefined, then you will most likely enjoy the taut sounding treatment by the Azur's internal DAC.

If on the other hand you feel that SS in the bass is often clinical or thin, and the entire presentation lacks body or fullness, you'd most likely prefer the M24 pre/DAC's sound.

These characteristics hold true for Digital sources like Sonos.