Autographed Albums

I thought it would be interesting to see how many of us have autographed copies of albums. My list is as follows.

The Doors/Morrison Hotel.....signed by Robby Krieger.
The Monkees/The Monkees......signed by Mickey Dolenz.
Jimmy Buffet/A1A.............signed by Jimmy Buffet.

Anyone else?
I found a CD I wanted, with the booklet signed by the four bandmembers.. The used CD place didn't care.
We have autographed cd's by:

Patty Larkin
Janis Ian
Shelby Lynne
Cheryl Wheeler
Mary Gauthier
Tom Rush
Eliza Gilkyson

There's a cool listening room in Ashland just north of Richmond, Va and these folks will chat after the show and sign stuff. The more famous came from Birchmere up near Washington.
I autograph all my stuff.You never know,I might get famous after I kick the bucket. Then some silly ass collector can run around boasting that they have my autograph like it's some big deal.Then another silly ass collector will pay the first one a million bucks for it and there I am,six feet under,with my good name exploited to high heaven and I didn't see one red cent.Life is a bitch!!!!!!
The New York Album CD signed by David Zinman and YoYo Ma. That's it.
i have a chicago album signed by the one cares
stringing along with Chet Atkins .. i have a hand made larivee guitar autographed from chet..
Emmanuel Ax, Tommy Emmanuel, Pat Donohue, Mike Dowling, Steve Goodman, Lawrence Juber, a book by Marvin Hamlisch
Album signed by Aimee Mann, whom I knew through friends in Virginia years ago.

Still love her music and see her every chance I get!
An LP signed by Leon Russell, CD's signed by Maria Muldaur and Papa John Creach.
Anyone heard of some ivory player named Vladimir Horowitz playing Liszt and Faure? It's on a 1977/78 RCA Red Seal LP.
Not an album. I do have a Nnenna Freelon CD autographed by her at one of her 1998 shows. It was a thrill.
I have an autographed copy of a Phil Lesh album I bought at a concert. At the same show I picked up an autographed copy of Ken Kesey's "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest", he was still alive back then. I also have Paul Kanter and David Friberg's autographs from when I met them at a show.
I have since lost Peter Wolfe and Jack Cassidy's over the years..
I like getting my CD liner notes signed if possible. I tend toward smaller venues, lesser known to better known artist so access is usually there if they are in the mood (which they should be if they aren't full of themselves).

Off the top of my head.....
Neko Case
Raul Malo
James Hetfield
Brandi Carlile
Todd Snider
Chuck Mead
Carrie Rodriguez
Hayes Carll
Carlene Carter signed my Japanese pressing of "Musical Shapes" when she was getting on the tour bus after a show in Wilmington, NC.  I remember it like it was yesterday.

"Musical Shapes" (Carlene backed by Rockpile)......maybe one of the greatest albums that most people have never heard.....

Carlene's Musical Shapes album is fantastic! Rockpile is one of the three best bands I've seen live (the other two being The Band and NRBQ), and she and they were a great combination.

I have a couple of autographed albums, but my favorite autographed record is Brian Wilson's "Caroline No" 45 RPM 7" single. The song was pulled from the Beach Boys Pet Sounds album, but released as a Brian Wilson single. I took it with me to the record release instore for Brian's first solo album, at Tower Records on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. I handed the 45 to Brian to sign, and he held it in his hands for quite a while, just staring at the label, a wistful look crossing his face. A prized possession of mine.

An autographed copy of time out signed by all four members of the quartet
I recently picked up a CD signed on the inside front cover by Van Cliburn.

One autograph I would like to have is that of eccentric pianist Glenn Gould. I love eccentricity. 
I have autographed cd's from Tommy Emmanuel, The Dixie Dregs, and Todd Rundgren. I also have a very well healed neighbor who collects this sort of thing. His basement looks like a Hard Rock Cafe with autographed guitars hanging on all of the walls. He has autographed albums from Elvis, the Stones, Springsteen, U2, and others. The coolest (and most valuable) is the original handwritten lyrics to "Hey Jude". The story goes that both John and Paul had horrendous handwriting and asked one of the roadies to write out the lyrics. Where it gets interesting is when John and Paul wrote notes in the margin like "tambourine"  just before the Na Na Na Hey Jude chorus. My friend said that he bought the lyrics from a Sotheby's auction and that the only reason it was available was because the roadie and the Beatles usually kept a pretty close watch on that sort of thing. I would question it if he didn't have all of the other memorabilia in his collection. 
Jimmy Carl Black:  Brown, Black and Blue LP (might also be signed by Arthur Brown, I can't remember for sure)
I also have Jimmy Carl Black's autograph, along with the rest of the members of "The Grandmothers". Bought the album used many years ago. Didn't realize it was signed until I got home. 
I have a few but my crown jewel would be my English gatefold import of Gasoline Alley autographed by Rod Stewart.
Kozmic Blues LP, signed by Janis
Bebe Le Strange LP, signed by Ann and Nancy
Rekooperation CD, sign by Al
A CD of Tom Waite songs sung by John Hammond (can't think of the title right now), signed by John
Limited edition lithograph of Yer Blue lyrics and drawing, signed in the print by John
Picture of Santana, signed by Carlos
Concert for Bangladesh LP, signed by all members on the album
Fillmore posters, signed by Bill Graham
T-shirt, signed by Deweezil
and a few other odds and ends
I went to a Squeeze show a few months ago, and the entire band signed my CD. It was great to finally shake hands after all of the years I've been going to their shows and listening to their music.  
Recently I've been unpacking my stuff after my move from S.CA to S.WA, including my poster collection. I rediscovered a framed show poster from Rockpile's October 17, 1980 performance at The Hollywood Palladium, given to me as a gift some years later. It had been autographed by Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe, and Billy Bremmer, only drummer Terry Williams' missing. The funny thing is the opening act that night was Pearl Harbor & The Explosions, funny because I worked with Pearl briefly in 2003, The poster had been packed away for years by then, and I didn't recall her name being on it, otherwise I could have had her sign it too!