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Like the new look to audiogon ?
Aweful.  What the f is up with boxes with tiny circles with pictures in them.  Just stupid work!  Waaaaay to busy, impossible to broesw without binoculars, loose it please. 
Innersound ESL XA200 Active Crossover / Power Amp?
Do you have two separate units? The x-over is one piece and the amp is another. Check out sanders sound, full description is available. 
Rogue M180 or Antique Sound Lab Hurricane DT?
Because of the effeciency, a SET class A tube unit... 
how to go from S/PDIF to input on computer
i want to use the digital out to cpu to transfer vinyl.:-) 
2 channel priority in HT Processor...who's is best
I am running the sunfire through the pass right now, and it is ok, i just hate running the Pass at near full power just to pass the signal. 
2 channel priority in HT Processor...who's is best
Looking at the McIntosh, Theta, Krell...All around $12,000. Yikes! makes the Classe 800 reasonable at only $8,000. How i wish price were not a topic! Additionally, the Krell pictures i saw had only one HDMI output, i really need two so i am not ad... 
2 channel priority in HT Processor...who's is best
KalThank you for the input. I would love to have the Bryston. But it would be in the $11,000 range which is not over the rainbow, it is the rainbow...cant wrap my head around that much for a pre/processor. I will look into the Theta product as rec... 
Amp, fully balanced, with sub via speaker inputs
Roscoeiii, i have used both the RCA and XLR inputs. Best & most linear gain and coordination with main speaker seems to occur with speaker level leads to the subs. Additionally, this seems to avoid the dreaded hum that plagues so many subs. Th... 
Help Me Save A Few Bucks On New Amp Purchase
If your speakers are truly 90db efficient, check with Pass labs and find out how many 'first watts' are running in class A in your current amp. You may be not exceeding that amount to drive your amp into AB operation. I have the PS audio GCA 250 a... 
Squeezebox touch sounds better than benchmark dac1
I would love to know your thoughts on the Transporter SE. I am currently letting one burn in for 100 hours. It has a couple more days....i will then run it into the Pass X-1 on input 1 and a PS Audio Dac III on input 2 and compare the Transport SE... 
Woof Woof need a little help
Buy an Earthquake with remote control and dont tell him about the remote ;) 
quad 2805 vs magnepan 1.7
Low volume, QUAD. They have always had the effect, when changing volume from low to high or high to low, of appearing to walk closer to the music source, or to back away from it. Higher volume, in the orchastra section. Lower volume, same detail a... 
quad 2805 vs magnepan 1.7
Hifisoundguy....glad to see someone here with a sense of humor! 
Best Towers Under $1500 for beginner system just towers. will rock your world, and you can use flea power if you want to play with tubes or try other avenues. 
Squeezebox Apps for Iphone/Itouch
iPENG is what some people use.