Best live albums from 1970's college days

Okay..... for you all old farts like me who enjoyed college life in the mid 1970's ..... what are your five favorite multi-LP live album purchases from those good old days ? Mine, in no particular order are : CSNY "Four Way Street," Yes "Yessongs," Grateful Dead "Europe '72," Peter Frampton "Frampton Comes Alive," and the Allman Brothers Band "Live at Filmore East." How about it guys and gals ..... shake up your memories and make a list !
1) Camel - A Live Record
2) Genesis Live (single album only)
3) Yessongs and Yesshows
4) Caravan and the New Symphonia
5) Old and In the Way
Flora Purim 500 miles High! on Milestone vinyl
2nd to Camel A live Record
The Name of This Band is Talking Heads(RARE!)
Jimi Hedrix "Band of Gypsys"
Off the top of my head:

The Who: Live at Leeds
Little Feat: Waiting for Columbus
Joe Cocker: Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Deep Purple: Live in Japan\
Bob Marley: Exodus
Outlaws Bringing It All Home
Frampton Comes Alive
Live Bullet (Bob Seeger)

were the big ones that I recall from Ann Arbor 1975-1979
Yes Yessongs
Chicago Live at Carnegie Hall
3 Dog Night Live At the Forum ('69)
War Live
Frampton Comes Alive
Started college in '79 so I guess I just made the cut. . .

Frampton Comes Alive (saw him tour that year but still in high school)
Stand in the Fire--Warren Zevon (only one disc but smokes)
Two for the Show--Kansas
A few more:

Concert for Bangladesh
The Band: Last Waltz
Thin Lizzy: Live and Dangerous
Lou Reed: Rock & Roll Animal/Live
In addition to the great ones already mentioned:
1) Uriah Heep live
2)David Bowie Live at the Tower Philadelphia
3) Rare Earth live (impossible to find, but really fantastic)
4)Joe Walsh live
5) Dixie Dregs- Night of the Living Dregs
Nineteen of the above are part of my vinyl collection. So, I guess, just five is out of the question.
Lots of good ones.

THey don't make'em like they used to....
Johnny Winter And - Live
Edgar Winter's White Trash - Roadwork
J. Geils Band - Full House
John Mayall -Turning Point
The Mahavishnu Orchestra - Between Nothingness & Eternity
J. Hendrix & O. Redding - Live At Monterey (1 side Hendrix/1 side Redding, and it was killa!)
James Brown - Sex Machine
...and pretty surprised nobody's mentioned this one:
Get Your Ya-Ya's Out - The Stones

I could easily go on and on...
Ted Nugent Double Live Gonzo! Also, Santana Lotus (3 records). Ten Years After Recorded Live. Fleetwood Mac Live (awesome 2 album set). Deep Purple Made In Japan. These are just a few more for the list of awesome must have in your collection albums from the seventies.
Also I would include George Benson Weekend in LA, Loggins and Messina ON STAGE. Peter Gabriel LIVE. Jethro Tull Busting Out! these are all fantastic from the seventies albums. Enjoy :-)
Im going to go spin some of these right now ...LOL
Lou Reed-"Rock n Roll Animal" (1974)
OMG I cant belive I didn't mention MY all time favorite LED ZEPPLIN The Song Remains The Same album. And The DOORS Absolutely Live. And Niel Young LIVE RUST. Awesome!
You are forgetting one of the Greatest Live Albums Of All Time!
Not a big fan of live albums, but I liked Butterfield Blues Band Live. 1970 record. Good stuff.
Van's "Too Late to Stop Now"
Garcia/Saunders "Keystone"
The Rolling Stones "Get Yer Ya Ya's Out"
I am shocked these have not been mentioned because all three are spectacular.
Great replies so far ..... Keep 'em coming.
Some more from my collection would include The Band "Rock of Ages," Led Zep "The Song Remains the Same," the Dead "Live Dead" and "Skull and Roses," Joni Mitchell w/Tom Scott and the L.A. Express "Miles of Aisles," and Bob Dylan "Live at Boudokan."
One of my top favorites from the period was the debut album by Boz Scaggs recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studios in 1969. Lead guitar by Duane Allman, Roger Hawkins on drums, Jimmy Johnson on guitar, and Barry Becket on keyboards. What an incredible experience. If you haven't seen the Muscle Shoals DVD yet, get it - this is your opportunity for something truly special; it will rock your world!
Eat a Peach by the Allman Brothers although about one-third of the album is studio work.
Johnny Winter And Live


J Geils Band Full House

rockers both of them!
Live Dead
Hendrix band of gypsies
Allman at filmore
Robin Trower
Now I'm up to 34 of those mentioned in vinyl. Wow, I had no idea I am so entrenched in that musical era. Enlightening. Thanks.
bowie's deluxe edition of S2S has live in 76 in Albany. best live disc i own (and i have hundreds). bowie at his absolute, insanely hot best.

dead (as mentioned)
derek & dominos: live at fillmore E
zeppelin: how the west was won (!!!!!!!!)
Also not to be missed: Humble Pie " Rockin' the Fillmore" a double LP recorded May 1971, and MC5 "Kick Out the Jams", both red hot performances.
King Crimson USA has a great version of 21st Century Schizoid Man as well as Lament and several others. Great live tracks from the 4-piece version of the band.
Silver Bullet Live (Bob Seger)and Waiting For Columbus (Little Feat)
Gypsy “Gypsy Queen”
Bob Dylan “Blood on the Tracks”
Fleetwood Mac “Bare Trees”
Lead Zeppelin (all their albums)
Doors “Live”
Humble Pie - Performance Rockin' the Fillmore

(a ton of other great suggestions already listed)
Another good one..."Waiting for Columbus" - Little Feat.

Love the J. Geils mentioned. The energy coming off Full House is just incredible.
OMG ..... How can we possibly forget Shaun Cassidy ? Good one, Jebe1.
I pulled out the copy of Delany & Bonnie and friends with Eric Clapton which I bought new, when it was released. At the time, i wasn't into it, b/c it veered country, and away from the Cream/Blind Faith thing that I was into from Mr. Clapton. Now, with age, and an appreciation of the whole Layla thing (plus look at the band on this record), it deserves listening.
50+ and counting. All in vinyl. I may have to search out the Shaun Cassidy though...not likely. :)
I gotta toss in Rick Wakemans' "Journey to the Center of the Earth". I scored a MFSL copy years ago and the fidelity is outstanding. I can hear the orchestra members accidently hitting their bows, a couple of pages turning, even a cough or two. It really is like being there.
Joe Cocker - Mad Dogs & Englishmen
Earth, Wind, & Fire - Gratitude
BB King - Live At Cook County Jail
Leon Russell - Live
Elton John - 11-17-70
The Beach Boys In Concert
....and we haven't begun to skim Jazz!! The 70's was probably the best decade for live records ever!
"Journey to the Center of the Earth" ..... Wow ! Awesome pick John. I love that album ! So, anyway, I just got off the Amazon website, and ordered the new CSNY 1974 boxed set. From what I've been reading, it should be pretty awesome !
Man / Maximum Darkness with John Cipolina (a great fvcking album)
Hot Tuna / Hot Tuna
Bless his pointed little head / Jefferson Airplane
The Real Thing / Taj Mahal. Excellent recording to test your system,has acoustic,has songs with horns and straight up blues numbers.
Free / Live
Blue Cheer / Outside Inside. half of this record is recorded Live.
Zappa / Live at the Filmore East
The Fugs / Golden Filth
This is a great thread. I love well recorded live albums, and it reminds me of many i haven't heard in years.
+1 for Cook County Jail and Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Jadem6,thought I was the only one that heard of Gypsy. Think
I still have the 8 track somewhere! They even have a website.
A few I didn't see listed yet:
-Zappa / Bongo Fury (Advance Romance and Muffin Man are musically brilliant brain eaters that never fail to amuse)
-Kraan / Live 74' (Criminally under appreciated jazzrock, really catchy riffs, and on this album Kraan were head and shoulders above most jam bands that came along later)
-Miles Davis / Agharta (Pretty much redefined what a live album could sound like, lots of clear, unhurried heavy twin guitar work w/ sharp crunchy organ accents. Much of the record sounds pretty relaxed, but its as electric and psychedelic as just about anything that came out in the 60's.
-Roxy Music / Viva (Manzanera, Wetton and Jobson really play great on this one. The studio versions of the songs may be real classics, but can seem a little stiff and safe when compared to these... In Every Dream Home A Heartache provides a good example.
-Gentle Giant / Playing The Foole (Maybe not the best fidelity in the world, but this band was tight, extremely imaginative and had chops to burn... again the live versions seem to breathe more than the studio releases.
-Rory Gallagher / Irish Tour 74' (Great blues expander and guitar wizard at his peak).
Live at Leeds: the Who, Spunk: the Sex Pistols, Live: Bob Marley
Miles of aisles - Joni Mitchell
Four way street - CSN & Y
It's too late to stop now - Van Morrison

All double albums.
Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison

Actually recorded late 60's but received a lot of play at college in the 70's
Crack the Sky - Live Sky.
forgot to mention Roger Waters The Wall Live in Berlin(of my college days).