Audiophile Record Labels

Hello All,
I'm sure this has been discussed but my search results came up nil.
I'm aware of Chesky Records and Mapleshade, but are there other labels that specialize in top quality recording techniques?

Classic Records
Mobile Fidelity
Simply Vinyl
Music on Vinyl
4 Men with Beards
Pure Pleasure
Analogue Productions
For Pure Pleasure, might want to add Music after it as a google search for Pure Pleasure bring up something completely different.

( Pure Pleasure Music )
I have very good recordings from Linn, Hyperion, Sheffield Labs, Telarc.
Dorian is another
ECM recordings are always of the highest quality ( Naim also has its own label with very good recording quality (
Reference Recordings in my opinion are some of the finest.

I have extensive experience with Telarc, Mapleshade, Sheffield Labs, Chesky, DMP, Audioquest XRCD, etc.

Mapleshade is sort of an organic type of sound.

Chesky Ultimate Test and Demonstration CD is a great tool to evaluate your system and develop good listening skills.

Telarc, DMP, Reference Recordings are all incredible!

If a particular recording is available in XRCD or XRCD II sometimes it is a huge step forward, sometimes not. For example, Dire Straits Brothers in Arms is WAY better on XRCD II while Eagles Hell Freezes Over is only slightly better and maybe not worth the $40 on XRCD II version.

(just to be forthcoming I am a dealer for Chesky and Reference Recordings)
I second anything by ECM. Consitently top-notch recordings. Mapleshade,Chesky and some Telac as well!
Add Harmonia Mundi and Bis to the list. I'm assuming that you're not going back to the early days of stereo (RCA Living Stereo, Mercury, Lyrita, etc.).
In addition to MoFi's list I would add:
The 180g Warner Bros
Cisco Music (but i think are done)
and the new Rhino label
Nobody mentioned MA recordings.
Wow, thanks for all the responses everyone!
I'll throw another label into the mix as well. I purchased a Rhino Records version of Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat" on the recommendation of a friend (as it's one of my top 20 rock albums) and it completely blew away my Arista version.

Thanks again.
Yes, Rhino is generally very good.

I've also been pleasantly surprised with overall quality of various classical vinyl titles I have encountered on the Musical Heritage Society label.
Alia Vox for early music (Jordi Savall's label), and a big second thumbs up for ECM.
fone does great classical recordings as well