Audiogon's most knowledgeable PC Audio gurus?

I find it hard to know whose opinion to trust in this area as the opinions are so diverse. Who really knows their stuff? Your nominations please (without allowing it to get ugly)
Steve Nugent, Empirical Audio. His Audiogon username is Audioengr.

No affiliation.

Almarg is also very knowledgeable.
Maybe just ask your questions, do a liitle research, see what seems right
In my experience with computer audio, you could line up the dozen most knowledgeable people on earth and still get at least half a dozen different opinions.
I agree with Drubin and, actually, the rest. Steve and Al will forget more about their craft than I will ever learn.

As to what Drubin stated, while at the Newport Audio Show I witnessed some great sounds from many digital sources, all of them different and some at odds with each other based on what I've read here and at other sites.

Everyone had valid points, great systems that I could easily live with and they varied from something as simple as a PC notebook running through a Schiit Bifrost to Channel D Audio to the W4S music server to just a KORG to you name it and it all sounded good, if not great. USB, coax, and whatever all worked fine.

What couldn't be assessed was any kind of valid comparisons in a controlled setting so first impressions are just that. The best you can do is ask around, decide on a system, and go with it. The old trial and error route.

By the way, I'm in the same boat as you. Good luck.

All the best,
Don't forget Pettyofficer! :)
Glad to know we have a lot of PC Audio gurus here. One thing that comes to my mind though is the list is not that useful because we can't send PMs to one another. Hopefully the A'gon powers that be restore that functionality soon but I'm thinking they won't.
06-13-12: Jdoris
Don't forget Pettyofficer! :)

I was thinking the same thing !!!!
LOL at Pettyofficer suggestion! :)
Yes, gotta admit I thought of Pettyofficer too when I first saw this thread.

Almarg and Steve Nugent are good choices. Kijanki is another whose posts on the topic I generally take to heart.

LIke the others, I couldn't stop laughing.

I'm still smiling as I write this.

All the best,
Thanks, Hifischer and Nonoise! I always enjoy the PO threads!

Make it one more for my man Pettyofficer. Woohoo! PO, where you at?
You may be laughing at the thought of Pettyofficer as a computer audio guru, BUT he has just returned from Apple training. Oh yes. Now he is all knowing.

In the end he became a high definition downloadable format.
Have you looked into computeraudiophile dot com? Highly recommended.
Computer audiophile is a nice place, but not as active as it used to be.