Is someone knowledgeable about Def Tech BP 2000

When I turn up the volume on these speakers the 300 watt powered sub gets less powerful. There is a bridge on the high, mid, and low on the back of the speaker. Does this have something to do with it? Is there some way I should be running 3 wire sets to the back of each speaker? They are now bridged. Any advice would be helpful and appreciated.
Without being there I can't quite comment about being "less powerful" but just run your speaker wires to the low on the back and leave the jumpers in place.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.
I had these speakers many years ago and used the line in for the sub. I can tell you this. These speakers are great for home theater, but lousy for music. The bass is boomy and ill defined no matter where you put them or how you adjust them.

I hope all you want to do is listen to dino stomps and car crashes.