Is there a knowledgeable VPI Rep out there?

I bought a used VPI HW-19 MKIV turntable. I contacted VPI to get set-up instructions and to purchase an armboard cut for an SME 3009 Series III tonearm. Since the plinth doesn't sit level on the isolation springs, I also asked if the springs could be adjusted or did I need new springs. When I called I couldn't get past the receptionist, who apparently knows nothing about VPI's product, because she couldn't answer any of my questions without putting me on hold and asking someone off-line. While I got a great deal on the table, and I know it will preform well if set up properly, I begining to question the wisdom of purchasing it. Has anyone out there dealt with someone at VPI who actually can converse intelligently about their product.
I also own a VPI HW-19 Mk4, and have called VPI once before regarding a technical question. Also like you, I got a somewhat brusque response. I then asked to talk directly to Harry Weisfeld (the owner and chief guru), who was very polite and helpful. So, I suggest that you "go to the top".
You can email Mike at VPI customer service -- "" or at "" I have found that he is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and helpful. He helped me with setup of my Aries Scout.

You have to keep in mind that VPI is a relatively "small" company, and I believe they only have people responding to service questions on Tues. through Thurs. of the week.

Also, as mentioned earlier, I understand that Harry Weisfeld is also accessible, and it is not uncommon to see him posting here on A-gon.
I always talk to Sheila (Weisfield). A great lady and oh so helpful.
Agree with Coffe nudge and Viridian! Always have good response from either Sheila or Mike. Try to get past the receptionist.
Do you think a car dealership will help you with a used car problem, with free advice,and lots of time. that is what your local dealer is for, everyones time is worth something.
I used to be a dealer for VPI and always found Shiela and Harry to be very helpful and friendly. They are a small company so it might take a little time to actually access one of them. Harry would likely be the best source for technical questions. VPI has enjoyed success and longevity for good reasons, including the ongoing evolution of their products and their commitment to customers. I do not currently own any of their products, but still believe strongly in them and the company.
I'm noting that the WebSite has dropped any email contact address.
They have a form to fill out on line.