Audio Icon/Idol - Who would you like to meet?

What audio icons/idols would you like to meet? Someone that you regard as an important keyperson in audio development.

I would like to have a chat with:

John Bowers - B&W Speakers, regarding the Matrix 801
Peter Walker - Everything about QUAD
Saul Marantz - His idea of a perfect amplifier
Raymond Cooke - Regarding the KEF 105rr speaker

Dewald Visser
Herve Delatraz from Dartzeel for his discovery of the subtle tiny overlooked details that are required in layout of a circuit to produce one of the best sounding amps of the world. It took him decades to design it and I would love to hear more about his empirical methodology.

David Wilson of Wilson Audio for being able to not only make great speakers but to be forward-looking to the degree that he has demonstrated. I would love to meet such a deft businessman who has made it in such a fickle field.

Avery Fisher
Being a bit of a history nut,I'd like to have met the guys from the old days. The ones that come to mind are Avery Fisher,Saul Marantz,Henry Kloss,and Manfred Schroeder.

And I almost forgot Thomas Edison.
i'd like to have a chat with stan klyne and peter walker.
Lets not forget the guys at the console and responsible for the technical quality in what we hear. Here a few of the greats;
Doug Sax
George Massenburg
Bob Katz
Alan Parsons
Bob Ludwig
David Lord
Quincy Jones
Jack Renner
Chuck Ainlay
James Guthrie
George Martin
How can you guys forget Roger Nichols that engineered Donald Fagen's "The Nightfly"...

How can you guys forget Roger Nichols that engineered Donald Fagen's "The Nightfly"...

I think Bob Ludwig, in my original list, did the mastering on Nightfly...I just couldn't list everyone, I guess.

George Martin is a good suggestion....did much of the Beatles stuff - a little too heavily panned (stuff seems to come out one speaker or the other) for my tastes but great stuff nevertheless - Sergeant Pepper is an all time classic - groundbreaking in almost every way.
Just try and imagine your favorite person (or persons) from this list, standing next to your "equipment."

Sounds much better, right?

Natalie Portman
Milla Jovovich
Gwyneth Paltrow
Cameron Diaz
Charlize Theron
Salma Hayek
Ashley Judd
Faith Hill
Sandra Bullock
Nichole Kidman
I'd like to meet Albert Porter ;)

Hey Albert: Didn't Milla Jovovich first say "Big Bad Boom" in Fifth Element? I'm not so sure I'd want those comments in my listening room.
Bud Fried.

In what I believe to be a gift from God, I actually did. And, we became incredibly close friends. Surely the most interesting person I have ever encountered. A true lion of the industry, who would have been wildly successful no matter what path he chose in life.
JGH, without a doubt.
Shania Twain :~)
Eve Anna Manley. When she writes for her website, she comes off as such a character, I'd like to find out what she's like in person. If she's like the way she writes, she could be tremendously obnoxious, or tremendously witty, and I'd like to know which. Or maybe she's nothing like the persona that comes through her website.

Having met Ralph Karsten, maker of my favorite tube amps, I'd like to meet Nelson Pass, maker of my favorite SS amps.
Hey Albert: Didn't Milla Jovovich first say "Big Bad Boom" in Fifth Element? I'm not so sure I'd want those comments in my listening room.

She (Leeloo) also held up her hand displaying and saying: "Mul-ti-pass." which was so cute I couldn't stand it.

With "Mul-ti-pass" you can go get new software for free and other good stuff. At least I think so.
To respond respectfully to Dewald_visser's thread:

I've met many of high end audio's creators, most of whom I admire and respect for their effort. Nearly all of these audio professionals are accessible by attending Denver AudioFest, Stereophile or CES.

The quality of audio is better than it has EVER been and by that I mean superior performance, higher reliability, great styling and improved user safety, with an almost unlimited variety of design choices.

The only possible complaint........the high end business is so small and sales so limited that the tiny companies that build are often expensive.

As with all things that operate on the fringe, that's the just the nature of the beast.
Harvey Rosenberg....Natalie Portman could come with him...and stay behind when he leaves. That's why she won't be showing up next to your system, Albert.


Lets stay with audio-persona. No Hollywood peoples - lol. I would like to meet lots of Hollywood guys & gals...

When I was just a foot high my father & Charlize Theron's father, Charles used to work together. She was a little girl with white/blond hair and was spoiled totally by her father with all sorts of gifts...

I can't think of the guys's name. He created the mapleknoll turntable. Anyway he was carrying a cannon in his car which actually dischrged in a gas station while he was filling up his tank.

How would you like to explain that to the nice police officer in this day of anti-terrorism?

I am sure he would be fun to hang out with.
I hope this is on point regarding one "idol" I did meet.
Back in 1975 or so I was selling stereo equipment for a living, having dropped out of college. After doing this for a while I decided I wanted to go back to school, get my electrical engineering degree and design stereo equipment. One of the people who inspired me was Richard Sequerra, who had designed a state of the art FM tuner that was heads and shoulders above anything else at the time. So I went back to school and was doing well towards getting my degree. While at school I went to a stereo show somewhere in NYC and in one room was a Sequerra tuner and Richard Sequerra himself. So I mustered up enough courage (22 years old at the time) and went up to him and said "Mr. Sequerra, my name is--- and I want to tell you your work has been an inspiration for me." He exploded, saying, "That's the biggest bunch of bull--- I've ever heard" and continued yelling at me. He turned off the stereo in the room and kept yelling. I made an embarrassed retreat, but the memory still lingers. I'd like to meet him again one day and…
Mitchell - did mr Sequerra's yelling at you deter you from designing and making audio gear? I know the feeling -


NB - I did get the chance to meet mr Havenga of Valve Audio - a very nice and funny guy. He is actually very supportive towards me...
Phil Spector in the echo chamber at Goldstar would be a lot of laughs. Giorgio Gomelski, Brian Jones, Mickie Most, Kit Lambert all seem like they would be fun to listen to some music with. Jimi Hendrix, not stoned just beautiful. What all these folks did was take it allto the next level by themselves with what they had off the shelf and made it sound like nobody else had. Chester and Lester those dirty old men did it on stage, the recording studio and the lab workbench, They don't make em like that anymore. Yea, that reminds me Sam Philips what a pair of ears he had.

When I was just a foot high my father & Charlize Theron's father, Charles used to work together. She was a little girl with white/blond hair and was spoiled totally by her father with all sorts of gifts...

Now you have me interested........tell us the story about later years when Charlize grew up and longed to see her childhood friend Dewald !
First, I would like to stand over the shoulder of Antonio Stradivari as he works.

And from the modern era, I would like to have a chat with Mark Levinson. For the same reason Aball mentioned about Dave Wilson, I'd love to find out more about the mindset of someone who has masterfully combined quality gear with superior branding.
Thomas Edison
Mitchell, I sure wish you would have at least started a fight with him. Yelling at someone is just as bad as getting physical. Even though it was years ago, and didn't involve me at all - that makes me very angry at Mr. Seqerra. Some one who has connections needs to call him out (verbally,of course) on this. I'll do it.....

She (Charlize) would not remeber me! I don't think that she wants to remeber where she grew up. Benoni is actually a bit of a dodgy place...

Mapleknoll -- Bruce Thigpen?
Ncarv-sounds right!
Frank Schröeder- Raul Ruegas- Albert Porter- Nsgarsh-Doug Deacon-DeWald Visser-Vetterone-Narchy-and all the Unusual Suspects.
Hey Groovey,

Maybe we'll get to meet in person someday...

No problem meeting me, just go to CES and come along with us to dinner. Some of these get together's wind up with 15 or 20 people at a table and we have a blast.
For me first person to meet (if I can ever make this time machine work) would be Nikola Tesla. I wouldn't bother to meet Edison cause Tesla will tell me everything about Thomas anyway.
Also John Bedini and Richard Vandersteen, if I can ever catch them in a good mood.

And, of course, one of the most respected posters here - Sean!
Tesla I can agree with that, he envisioned the cell phone
Grooveyrecords, What were you doing down in this part of the dungeon?
Jim Fosgate.
Almarg, James Bongiorno, Henry Kloss, HH Scott.
Thank you, Dave (Corazon)!

Best regards,
-- Al
I'd love to hang out with James Bongiorno as well. A get together with him, John Bedini, Jim Strickland, Kieth Richards and Roger Waters , not to mention a select few here would be worth going to a party.
James Bongiorno died a little while ago, unfortunately.
Yea, I heard he was ill for quite some time. He did some great things.
Yes, of course.
I would like to meet Geoffkait so I could sell him some junk I have lying around.
stan klyne and the designer of the martin logan cls 2