Almarro A318B vs JAS Audio Bravo 3.2

I am looking for a tube integrated that I'll be matching with Tekton speakers (have not decided on model yet). I like the Almarro A318B, but I would prefer to have an amp with auto/self-biasing. The JAS Audio Bravo 3.2 looks similar enough to the Almarro and has self/ auto-biasing. I just don't know enough about the reputation of JAS Audio to pull the trigger on one. I am also open to other suggestions. My budget is $2500. I listen primarily to jazz and blues. I am also open to being convinced that biasing the Almarro is no big deal. Thanks for your help.
I have the A318B and would highly recommend it.
Biasing the Almarro is so simple that a caveman can do it.
Is rock stable also.
I also have the Lore speakers and the combo is stunning.
I sold my Almarrow 318B and now I got Jas both are very semilar.Almarrow a little more sweet,a little better bass,better power .Jas a little more detail better space between instument and less noise.I can live with either one everything very little doesn't bother me.I used Hyperion 938 90db.
2nd on the Almarro which works wonderful with my Zu Druids and should the Lore Also. From a friend who compared them, the Almarro has better mids than the JAS although the JAS is still nice and has a little more detail.

By the way, the best pre tubes from my experience and preferences with the Almarro is a Mullard CV569 Brown Base (or Mullard 6SL7 black or brown base) combined with a Sylvania 6SN7W (or 6SN7GTB).
The Jas Bravo 2.3 has been noticeably improved since 2013 I believe
more linear higher end transformers,and better coupling capacitors
This truly raises the bar .one thing I would like to uad the Jas has 2 rectifier tubes one per channel and the 5AR 4 has a indirect heater for soft start in a sence very rugged and NOS rectifiers much better then new Stock
The 6au6 driver tube how does $15 a pair for 50s black plates sound ?very dependable these 6c33 Russian power tubes are without question
Possibly the most linear power tube out there and very rugged.the soviets used these in the Mig 25 for years.a 5,000 tube.
Correction the driver tubes replacement are the metal can 6AC7 tube .