another what speaker cable for vandersteen

Current equipment

  • Rogue 99 pre amp

  • Rouge Ares phono pre amp

  • Rogue m180 monoblocks

  • SOTA Saphhire III

  • Dynavector DV-20X

  • Sumiko Premier MMT tone arm

  • Rega Saturn CD

  • Linear Power Supply for DAC

  • Brooklyn DAC

  • Vandersteen 2CE

  • Vandesteen 2W subs x2

  • Kimber 4VS bi wire

  • Kimber 4TC on subs

  • Audio Sensibility interconnects

  • Audio Sensibility power on dac/cd

  • Kimber PK10 power on pre amps

  • Signal Cable power on amps

What I currently like, detail, mids and highs.

looking to improve soundstage, have attacking bass. The vocals, seems to be a little to prominent or upfront at this point.

I borrowed some Monster MH 1 speaker cables {true biwire}  and currently hear more detail in the highs. Bottom end did not change much.

Is it in the cables or in my head?

AQ would be my suggestion.
PM John Rutan at audioconnection. He'll give you the best advice. And, it is free.
@gdnrbob  +1

Audioquest cables are almost always a safe bet with Vandersteens.  I have not found Kimber and Vandys to play nicely together in the past.
Try and find a used pair of Clear Day Double Shotguns. Owner/designer Paul Laudati is very ill, and is no longer making them.
Unless you want to make your own from Dueland 12ga which is simple, Signal Cable is a good sounding reasonably priced cable with Vandersteen.  I used them with 2CE Sigs and Treo's.
Richard Vandersteen always demos his speakers with Audioquest.  When I had Vandersteen speakers, I also used Audioquest.  I believe they were the Indigo Blue cables.  You will get a better and more controlled bass responmse with theAudioquest cables than the Kimber you are using 
Agree with using Audioquest. I had MIT networked cables in my system, but when I got the Vandersteen's, these were the absolute poorest cables I could have used with them. As far as the up front sound of vocals you are experiencing  with your Vandy's, make sure you have the tilt back of the speakers set correctly. When you determine the correct angle, make sure both speakers are at that same angle. It is critical.
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Richard Vandersteen and Garth Powell will be attending the LA/OC
Audiophile Society September 29. Garth will be discussing his new
line of speaker cables that up to now have only been rumor. The new
line is called Mythical Creatures. I'm not sure if there will be a demo, but
it would not surprise me if there was one. A short while ago Garth
attended another meeting of the Society at the same dealership, Sonny's
Componets in Anaheim, California. At that meeting we heard all about
the fantastic new Storm Series of power cables from Audioquest. Now
we will see Garth and hopefully hear the much talked about new speaker cables from Audioquest. If they are anything like the Storm Series Hurricane power cables that I purchased, these speaker cables will be very special.
Charger, is there anything on the net about them?  I may just have to ask directly, lol. Firebird is the name of the speaker cables was told.

So many possibilities for model names in this new line!




and the list goes on and on...

So they changed the jacket on the Hurricane from red to dark blue so that the Firebird can use red throughout it's range from cord to cables.  The Hurricane hasn't changed at all and this is directly from AQ.

Teh Firebird is going to be special based on what I was told by someone who heard it in a system he knew well.  Really looking forward as these will be game changers and make others think about what they are doing and how.  he has measurements to go along with it all as he always does.  Hey, it's Garth, so it can be measured.