amp-preamp considerations.

what are technical concerns[matching]when mating.have c-j prem.140 and am lookink for pre-amp.considering pass-lab x-1 or simaudio p-5.not stuck on either.using adcom gfp-750.looking for improvment on this.also new to tubes,think i would prefer ss.this amp is like having a small heater in da house.any input appreciated.
It is very easy to match a SS pre amp with a tube amp - electronic matching is not a problem due to high input impedences of amps and low output impedences of preamps. Its the reverse that can be problematic for some. If you don't want to have a tube pre-amp (which are much easier to maintain than a tube amp) go for the best quality unit you can afford, everyting else being equal, that has the features that you need, don't cheap out here, this is a critical component, and great units abound in the ads. Nothing wrong with Pass but I'd stay away from the Adcom - its not as good as your amp by a long shot.
I think we have answered this question before. I would buy at the very minimum a CJ premier 17lsII and maybe jump to the 16lsII. Either pre-amp will bring out the best in the prmier 140 anything less is a waste. Any of the pre's you mentioned are not in this league.
czbbcl. yes you did recommend the 17ls before.thanks again. are there any ss pre's that you would also rec.
In many cases, you will lose the tube benefits by forgoing the chance to use a tube pre.
As for heat concerns, tube preamps use small tubes and generate very little heat compared to tube power amps. Almost all have the tubes inside a chasis.
Premier 14 is older, but also nice.
If you are dead set on a solid state pre, check out the pass labs and classe. Still think this isn't the way to go.
Well, this is a unique experience for me - recommending a SS preamp, but what the hell.....If I had to buy one, and I didn't need a remote, I'd get a used Threshold FET10HL (designed by Nelson Pass, by the way when he owned Threshold). I've seen them sell on Audiogon for about $750+/- and you can't get even close to this value at that price, new or used, IMHO. By the way, what are you looking for in a preamp and whats your budget? New or used?
Well it is not as easy to just buy a preamp or an amp, it comes down to synergy. For example, my friend has a Carver amp and he happened to mate it with the Musical Fidelity 308 preamp, funny but they just click together, why because what the Carver lacks in the mid range the MF adds to the mid range and they kind of work well togehter, go figure. To make your system the most musical, you hae to mate strengths and weaknesses together.

My 2 cents and Happy Listening.
Of the pre's you mentioned either the pass or as someone else mentioned the CJ premier 18. However, In my opinion you would have been better off with a tube pre and ss amp for which there are many more synergistic matches. Tube amps require more maintenance and are more costly to maintain not the mention the heat issues. In my experience you get most of the tube sound from a tube pre-amp. This is why it is so important to pick the right tube pre-amp. The tube amp is more icing on the cake more inner detail if you will; usually at the cost of bass control.

I have a tube pre with ss amp and love the combo as many on this site have commented and or experienced. However, I love tube amps and I am probably going to purchase a tube amp (CJ premier 140)to replace my MF2500A. Having said all that; I still believe your best sounding solution as well as equipment synergy would be a tube pre-amp like a CJ premier 17/16. In my opinion anything less would compromise the premier 140 and you do not want to do that. Again, just my experience and opinion. Happy listening and by the way great purchase.
A Adcom matched with a CJ??? Wow! Don't let CJ know that, they migh come and tack back their amp :):):) Of course I shouldn't talk, I have done worse in a pinch. But just for a very short while.

I disagree with the SS pre/tube amp combo. Tehcnicanly speaking ( and from my listening experience ) you will lose someting off your highs. And with the Adcom your highs must be a bummer. No offense to you Adcom users out there. I have just found that SS preamps don't match sonicaly with tube amps.

I would seriously consider " any tube pre " in your system, if I were you.......
kt88.the adcom was purchased way prior to the that i have bought this tube amp,i am now hoping to find a pre-amp match that will provide the synergy everyone talks about.czbbcl,thought very much about ss amp-tube, pre-amp mating,but decided to try tubes because of all the hype.might even sell c-j to go this route .seeking advise from people with knowledgable,sincere advice.

I didn't think you bought the Adcom to match up with the CJ. I was joshing with you :)

The CJ is an excellent piece, as long as you have it, might as well try some tube preamps with it. I don't have a clue what your source is, recomending a pre is a " blind guess " But I would try a CJ Premier 14 or something by ARC. Some people may disagree with me here, but I think a LS22 would be a good match. If you want the sound a little sweeter, try something by VAC.

good luck!

I have had personnel experience with a tube amp; premier 11a. I sold it because it was not enough power to drive my thiels. I love what tube amps do that is provide the inner detail in the mid to high-end frequencies that ss simply can not do; no hype about it.

The recommendation I made to you is an effort to get you to consider a pre-amp that will first and foremost provide the best sonic solution and provide system synergies as to not cause system matching concerns. You obviously purchased a high-end amp you need to drive that amp with an equally high-end pre-amp which will bring out the best the amp has to offer. You also need to consider front ends as well as cabling. What I am trying to convey is system balance. You do not want to compromise the amp by choking it off with inferior components up stream.

Tube amps by there very nature are high maintenance and you need to provide the care necessary as well as select up-stream components to get the best out of it.Again, happy listening
thanks again for responces.source in this system is marantz sa-1.i thing c-j prem.17ls is the way to go.just dont want to ad another tube item in line and loss any resolution and bas control.also,if i go back to ss amp,hopefully this pre would be would be a keeper in both cases.any opinions on these conclusions?
Machine, I think you might want to set up your priorities. Although many heare will disagree with me. Assuming you're happy with your speaker selection, you should then decide on your amp. After that you should consider your pre amp choice. While Czbbl, is correct about the greater amount of heat, maintance and cost of tube amps vis a vis tube pre's. Newbee is correct about the greater number of options and ease of impedance synergy between a ss pre and a tube amp. Furthemore, many agree that a tube amp for better or worse, actually imparts more of "tube" influence than a tube pre. Another consideration is that c-j gear is only single ended. There are many more ss pre's and ss amps that offer balanced out/ins than there are in tube offerings. The Pass gear is notable in that it is generally considered to work best in balanced mode even though they are single ended ss. In as much as I usually recommend cable choices as the last decission in a system, you might want to consider how cables are ultimatley going to be used within the system as well. In summary, I think you should decide what you want to do about the c-j tube amp before going any further, unless of course you have speaker issues too...
unsound,thanks for input.priorties are really only in ? on amp.only other amp in play,parasound jc-1.pretty sure i will end up with c-j prem 17ls as pre.hopfully this will mate well with either esp.good deal on new c-j amp,couldn't say no.FWIW spkrs. are aerial 10t,i.c.tara labs.would be interested in comments on other ss amps in this $ range.thanks.
Machine, I can't help but think that the Parasound JC-1's and the Conrad-Johnson Premier 140 are two very different beasts. BTW, the Parasound offers balanced inputs and no C-J offers balanced inputs or outputs. While it will probably work, the 850 Ohm out put of the 17LS may restrict amp choices. Some how I thought you prefered a ss pre. Good luck on what ever you choose.
I'm considering mating the Musical Fidelity 308 pre-amp with the Theta Dreadnaught II, but haven't found (or looked too much yet) a dealer who handles both products. From what I've read about each, this combination may make sense based on the sonics characteristics I appreciate. My speakers are Linn Keilidh. For the Theta, I'm only interested in 2 channel stereo at this time. This is my first posting to this forum, as I became a member as of today. Thanks for any responses!