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Review: Linn Akiva Cartridge
I'm considering buying an Akiva. Is Linn planning to update this cartridge any time soon? 
Review: Linn Akiva Cartridge
I'm considering buying an Akiva. Is Linn planning to update this cartridge any time soon? 
Grand Veena and ? speaker cable
I own the same speakers. Did you buy new cables? If so, I would be curious about your experience. I tried looking for the OCC speaker wire, but got confused with all on the info on their web site. Thanks! 
The best CD Player for the money
Cambridge Audio Azur 840C is my pick. Very happy with it. HUGE step up from the Rega Planet, which I enjoyed many years, before and after adding a DAC. 
Bel Canto Pre3 vs Musical Fidelity A308CR
I own the MF A 308CR and am very happy with it. Robert Harley said in his review not too long ago something like, it had the best dynamics he's ever heard in a pre-amp. I enjoy it a lot, and use it with the matching MR A 308 CR amplifier. I'm thin... 
Any suggestions for a good speaker match for Naim
I was blown away by the sound of the Wilson Sophia's. I'm not sure how much of what I was hearing was the speakers, and not the amp, source, etc. Salesman said what I liked was the speakers. Can't be 100% sure. But, the Sophia's are now firmly on ... 
Preamp Deal of the Century
Any idea where I can audition the Supratek Syrah in the Washington DC or Philadelphia area? Is this a balanced preamp? I haven't been able to find a picture of it on the internet, or find out much about it, except that it's mentioned on this forum... 
Pre-Amp decision from a Newbie - Need Help
I started into this addictive hobby about 6 years ago with a Rega Planet. Great choice! Since that time, I've done a significant upgrade to my CD playback, but you didn't ask about that. As far as the pre, you may want to check out Naim, as they a... 
Need comments on the Magnum Dynalab MD-90 FM Tuner
I also read the review in The Absolute Sound and am interested in MD-90, which is their entry level tuner. I'm wondering if is worth the extra cost to buy one of their more expensive models. Any feedback? Thanks. 
Which is the best amplication?
I'm also in search of amp / preamp or integrated in your price range. Do you know where there is a Pathos dealer on the east coast? Maybe near Washington, DC or Philadelphia?Thanks, 
Theta Dreadnaught amp is it just a HT amp or music
Sidssp - Would you or others suggest a good preamp for the Dreadnaught II? Anywhere up to about $2,600 or so is what I have in mind. Thanks. 
amp-preamp considerations.
I'm considering mating the Musical Fidelity 308 pre-amp with the Theta Dreadnaught II, but haven't found (or looked too much yet) a dealer who handles both products. From what I've read about each, this combination may make sense based on the soni... 
Thinking Jupiter
I have the Planet. Last year I added a Birdland DAC with reclocker and am very, very happy with the results. Doesn't do SACD of course, but I love the sound the DAC added. Please let me know what you've discovered in your search for an upgrade; I'...