Review: Conrad Johnson Premier-17LS Tube preamp

Category: Preamps

I took a chance two years ago and purchased a used C-J PV10A. From the moment I hooked it up to my then existing system I was addicted to C-J products. I sent the 10A out to be converted into a 10B. Things only got better. Now a confirmed believer I purchased a Premier 11 amp. Then a
C-J MF2250 FET amp to share bi-amping duties with the Premier 11. Things only got better. I decided then to upgrade from the "entry level" PV10B to the Primier 17 LS. The 17 has no phono stage so the 10B is now serving duty in that regard. This system combination is so good that I have gone on a vinyl buying binge, 180 gram virgin pressing being my favorite. You can not go wrong with any C-J product. If money was no object, I would upgrade to all ART equipment!

Associated gear
Conrad Johnson PV10B with phono stage, now used only as a phono stage. Conrad Johnson Premier 11 amp. Conrad Johnson MF2250 FET amp. Both amps bi-amped to a pair of Kef Reference Series 3-2 speakers. All interconnects and final cable is from Monster. Favorite piece is the turn table. Vintage 1984 Sony PS-ex555es. This is a linear tracking table with bio-tracer arm control. The arm utilizes field coils along with induced then measured magnetic field changes for total control along the complete record. This system controls both vertical and horizontal movement. The es stands for "elevated standard" and was the only table ever to earn this label from Sony. The cartridge is a Benz-Micro Glider with 0.8mV output.

Similar products
Nothing I have owned in the past can compair to my latest system.
I've combined the 17LS with Premier 12's and could not be happier.
My wife was so impressed with our CJ amp and preamp that she said, "Do they make anything else?"
Great article. I too have become addicted to C-J products. I have moved up the chain steadily as well. I have owned, MV-75, Premier 5's, Premier 12's. I have owned the PV-10AL, PV-12L, PFR, Premier 16LS and finally the combo that I have now. The ART preamp and Premier 8A's. I am very happy with this combo.