Alvin Lee- 1 year later

Alvin Lee -1 year has passed since his untimely passing as he is missed dearly, but not forgotten. Never met him as I saw him 3 times in Houston and what a guitar player he was. My all time favorite then, and now. RIP BIG GUY and big Red.
I was a huge fan of Alvin during my impressionable youth and was learning with my used Stratocaster, although I pined for a Gibson as they were above my financial means at the time, I now have a couple nice ones.
It seems not fair that Alvin left (us) this world in an un-natural way.
He made his mark on this world and live's on through stereo hi-fi.
He is now in a better place along with the girl with the "red dress on":)
"I'd Love To Change The World"
Alvin truly did to some extent with that song alone.
Back when I was in High School I saw a great show at Fillmore West for $3.50.
Ten Years After, Spirit, and Humble Pie on the same bill! It is sad to think of the loss of the front man of all 3 of these bands.
Alvin Lee, Randy California and Steve Marriott are gone now but never to be forgotten. Thanks for all the great music!
Yes, indeed! One of the greatest guitarists ever!!
"On the Road to Freedom" with lots of great guests is a killer record few talk about. Check it won't be sorry.
The Woodstock performance of "I'm goin'home" is legendary, IMO. He contributed something to the world.
It's a shame the Grammys gave him just a fleeting nod. He deserved so much more.
He was great. I was fortunate to see him and Ten Years After in concert. In honor of the 1-year anniversary, I will play the Ten Years After double live album that I have.

R.I.P. Alvin.
I was at the original Woodstock from beginning to end (even bought tickets). I saw all the acts. Ten Years After was the best. Little known fact: when they started their set, they were out of tune. They stopped in the middle of the song to retune, and Alvin Lee, clearly shaken, said: "Right now, I wish I was dead." They then went on to tear the place down.

A memorable performance among many.

THose who appreciate Alvin Lee and Ten Years after might also be interested to know that their peers Savoy Brown and Kim Simmonds are still going strong, have a strong new CD release, and are currently on a small venue tour in US. I saw them last tour in similar setting and it was absolutely Fantastic. Strongly recommended!!!!

Savoy Brown 2014
Hi Neal- I thought that was you ;-) I was the guy sitting about 1/2 way back w the long hair, pony tail, and tie-dyed tee shirt. I still have my tickets- thought they might be worth something until the promoters sold off thousands of un-sold tickets they had lying around in a warehouse a few years ago.
Alvin Lee one of the all time greats! Love his music to this day...thanks for bringing up the thread Roscoe1...

I thought that was me with the pony tail and tie-dyed shirt! But I truly cannot remember. I do remember the mud after the rain on Sunday. Priceless and unexpected experience.

Neal- Now that you mention it, I think is WAS you. I was having an out of body (and mind) experience at the time. Alvin Lee was amazing; I had seen his band a short time before @ Fillmore East and was very excited to hear them again. I also have vivid memories of Wavy Gravy's "breakfast in bed for 200,000" rap and Grace Slick introducing JA w something like "Now it's time for morning maniac music". Gezz, I sound like an old fart!
I don't usually follow such things, but that "Captain Speed Fingers" (though he was so much more than just that) wasn't included in Rolling Stones 100 greatest guitarists is just so hard to believe, and only goes to show what rubbish such lists are.