Alvin Lee dead at 68

One of my favorites, R.I.P.
ME too! Sorry to hear that.

"I'd love to change the world....{guitar riff}...."
A fave of mine, as well! Saw him live twice. This hurts!
One of the most under-appreciated guitarist of the classic rock era. My instant image of Woodstock is of Alvin Lee leaving the stage after a Ten Years After encore with a watermelon in his hands.
I'm goin' home.
The record "On the Road to Freedom" is brilliant. Great songs and "guests" include Harrison, Winwood, Wood, Fleetwood, Capaldi. Seek it out. For those of you who think Lee was just a "fast" guitar player, listen to this LP and hear he was much more than just chops.
Great artist ,,Just watched a few videos Utube,,,Alvin was a hellacious player!
Id Love to Change the World,but Im Goin Home !
Lindisfarne,Have not heard that one.I will seek it out for a listen.Thanks
"I'd love to change the world..." and he did. Changed my world for the better. Very sad to hear.
I played 'Cricklewood Green' and ' Recorded Live' today in honor of Alvin and TYA. Of course, I own ' On The Road to Freedom'. Hopefully, after I return from AXPONA I'll have time to play it too. I grew up with TYA and will miss Alvin.
I had the pleasure of meeting Alvin Lee after a concert at the Bayfront Center in St. Pete Fl in 1974. One of the best Rock&Roll players ever. R.I.P. Alvin.
Woodstock! One of the baddest of them all!
The very first harder rock type groups that my older brother turned me on to was Ten Years After-"A Space In Time" and REO Speeedwagon "REO One". I was like 9 or 10 years old. Very fond memories of Alvin Lee.

R.I.P. Alvin...
One of the great "slow blues" Spider in my web" ....waiting to catch a fly. Very sad 68 is way to young. Uncle Jam RIP.
by helicopter
Dear Mr. Ray the printer-You are in for a real treat. If you can find the old vinyl, get it. It's a 1973 release.
Wow! Thanks for the update what a bummer, one of my all time favorite artists and of my go to's!

Wonderful catalog of music and most of the vinyl sounds great.

After reading this thread, I found a mint vinyl copy and a new sealed CD of the recommended "On the Road to Freedom".

Thanks for the suggestion.
Side 2 of Cricklewood Green is 100% awesome.

Undead and Ssssh #s 4 and 5 currently on amazon movers and shakers list.

If you loved ALvin Lee, give him a boost, pick up you TYA and AL music now. Its very reasonable priced there at present.
Mapman - good call on Cricklewood Green! Think I will play it tonight...loud!b
I remember watching TYA performance in Woodstock, in a movie theater in Montevideo (South America) long, long way back and anxiously waiting for Alvin Lee exhausting playing on "I´m going home".

It looks like there´s a bitter end in Spain for musicians like Alvin Lee and Gary Moore.


P.S Enjoy Alvin Lee´s "de vuelta de todo" thinking on..
Saw them at the Music Hall in Boston in the fall of 1972 and they rocked kick ass! "Traintime," oh man.

Gonna crank "Hard Monkeys" from A Space In Time one of my favorites.

RIP Alvin, we appreciate you.