5 Years or More?

I go through a lot of equipment, but one piece I haven't changed in the past five years and plan on owning another five years or more are my Merlin VSM-MXes (revisions or updates don't count as changes). How many have speakers they've owned and listen to for 5 years or more and don't plan on changing for another five years -that what speakers have you found to be "keepers"?
Merlin VSM-MM's with BAM in the big rig, plus Reference 3a MM DeCapo's in the office. For me, they are keepers. Lastly, Odyssey Audio Epiphony 2-ways in the dining room / kitchen area. All are supplemented with subs.
I've got a pair of Fried q's that must be at least 25 years old, running with a Pioneer integrated that's even older in the garage. 5+ year old NHT 3's in the loft that are going nowhere. Vandersteen 2CE's just left the main system after 8 years. I don't see the Chapman 77's going anywhere for a very, very long time.
I still have a pair of JSE Infinite Slope 1.0's I bought in 1986, liked them so much I bought a pair of the 1.8's a while back too.
I've upgraded probably 30 times in my life. I stopped for good in 2001, when I purchased Rockport Antares. By the way, I use Merlin TSM-MMs in my smallish video system.
One thing I notice about most Merlin and Vandersteen users (not that the speakers sound the same or similar, and Maggies are proabably similar)) is that they keep the speakers for a long time, and when they make a change it is to update/revise the model or to make a move up withing the line (2c-3a-5a etc.) - I suspect that are good reasons for that brand loyalty. These are no "flavor of the month" brands.
At this point, I think the Kharmas would be the only thing to replace my Merlin VSM-MMs. That won't be happening soon.
I know that this speaker has been the butt of many an Audiogon forum posts, but here it is anyway.

I replaced my B&W Silver Signatures with the Harmonic Precision Caravelles about three years ago and I have no intentions of getting rid of them anytime soon.

As good as the original Caravelles have always sounded, I recently had them modified with new drivers and binding posts. I also upgraded the stand to a heavier brass stand. The upgrade and this speaker is awesome!
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I think my soundlab m2's are keepers;unless I move up the line or have to move to a smaller home.
Merlin VSMs and Verity P/Es closing in on 10 years apiece,

Avalon-Eidolon Diamonds. IMO for the size of my room, overall it just doesn't get any better.
Yep.....Apogee speakers.

Someone posted at another forum, that Batman uses Apogee speakers too (they saw them in the new Batman movie).

.... and Bats have very good ears.
I've had My Maggie 3.6's for 9 yrs.

Had Apogee Duetta Sigs for 7 yrs. Sold them a few yrs ago due to the new house having a smaller room for the second system.

My newest speaker will be a keeper. It was custom made by a friend and uses an active x/o. I use SET's for each driver. It's the best sound I have heard. The Maggies have only been hooked up once in the last 6 months but I hate to let them go.
One thing I notice about the kind of speakers that tend to be keepers is that the designers seem to think the speakers are worth keeping in their lineup without radical changes to an original design idea - if you get it right the first time no need a new idea every two years. Vandersteen, Maggies, Merlins, Soundlab, etc. their is a pattern - these companies also seem to last and be successful without design revolutions, but gradual evolutionary developments. I wish I had a chance to hear the Apogees with the right amp at some point.
Advents: sixteen (16) years.

Dunlavy's: six (6) years

V.A. Mahlers: six (6) years, but they were in my second system most of the time.
I have a pair of 1959 JBL sinature series 030 drivers in a C38 enclosure. They were my fathers and are 49 years old. 16 years after that I bought my own speakers, New Klipsch Heresys in 1976 for $550- if you wanted grill covers that was another $50. I did without, still have them but don't play them much. Just sneeking in are my current systems. The WAF system has Von Schweickert VR2s about 6-7 years old. I also own Klipsch La Scalas and the C36 JBLs with D-131s for extended range drivers same 075 tweeter circa 1962 both bought by me in 2001-2003.
In my big rig I use JM lab Focal 936 Electras almost exclusively just 5 years old, I built my system around them! I have others including Merlin TSMs.
I have Snell CIV speakers from 1992, replaced a blown mid-range, but have no plans to replace soon. Love the bass too.
I have Vandersteen 5A's. One of the great selling points of this speaker (and perhaps others in the Vandersteen line) is that when an improvement comes along, Vandersteen will install the update to the speaker. Yes, I know that sometimes to do that you have to send the speaker back to the factory, but all in all, it's much more cost effective to do that than to buy into a whole new speaker. Yes...you have to like the Vandersteen signature, but if you have confidence in the house sound, you can continue living on the Vandersteen cutting edge. It makes me laugh when I read the posts that say "I have no intentions of giving them up any time soon", or these speakers are "keepers", etc. We audiophiles are very fickle indeed and sometimes we just wake up one morning and HAVE TO HAVE the new this or that and are sure that it will bring even higher heights of audio into our sound rooms.
I'm keeping the Merlins. I mean it this time:)
Me too, but they stay suspended from the ceiling;~)